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An Interview with Occult Deceiver’s Ty Winslow

Extreme metal is about to be unleashed in the Indy scene thanks to Occult Deceiver, who will be releasing their first album, Dark Ritual.

Ty WinslowThe band was founded in 2013 by Ty Winslow and Jeff Parks from the remains of Opus Della Morte. After a few lineup changes and members leaving for personal reasons, it was up to Winslow and Parks to start something new. The music they began writing after the fall of Opus Della Morte was in more of an evolved style and it became what Indianapolis should know as Occult Deceiver.

“If you want to book us, talk to us, hang out with us…. We respond to messages on our Facebook page,” Wilson says. “We’re not against playing basement shows and we like playing house parties.”

Indy Metal Shows caught up with Ty Winslow to learn more about the band and what’s to come from their new album. They were also kind enough to allow us to premiere a track from the album!

Who is Occult Deceiver?:

I am the lead vocalist, and then we’ve got Jeff Parks who plays guitar and backup vocals. Jesse Junker is our other guitar player. Our current bass player is Brian Murphy, our drummer is Dre Duarte and on keyboards we have Brien Barr. (Josh McLain will be playing bass on upcoming album Dark Ritual.)

You all founded in 2013 – What’s the story?:

It kind of formed out of the ashes of a band that Jeff and I were in called Opus Della Morte. And things Jeff Parksstarted falling apart in that band. I was originally just a guitar player and backup vocals. Our singer left then I became the vocalist and after a while we just decided to do something different. Then the stuff we started writing is now for what we call Occult Deceiver. We brought in Jesse on guitar to fill up that second guitar spot. We do have a few other people that have played bass and drums for us. There’s a joke that we have. I started calling our drummer Dre  “Cuatro” because he’s the fourth drummer.

Are you all leaning towards a specific genre?:

I tend to usually just call it extreme metal. We have death metal, we have black metal, there’s always a little undertone of thrash in there. We kind of pull from so many different styles. Some people call us crust. It’s like something that came out of hardcore punk but just became an evil version of hardcore punk I guess.OccultDeceiverAlbum

Who is Occult Deceiver’s influences? What can fans hear in your music?:

We do have a lot of influences from all the classic bands all the way back to Black Sabbath. Then there’s Slayer and Sepultura. A lot of early American death metal like Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse. And its not intentional but sometimes there’s a little bit of The Black Dahlia Murder. We like a lot of the same music but we kind of have our own thing. But at the end of the day we all get down to the classic thrash bands. Slayer, Testament, Megadeth, old Metallica. We all can draw from that and look back to that as what really got us into metal anyways.

“Necromancy” from Occult Deceiver’s new album Dark Ritual:

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What are your feelings about the Indy metal scene?:

I think we have a lot of good bands in the Indy scene. That is definitely one thing that is very strong. We do have the talent in the city. It is a little bit splintered because you have bands that play the 5th Quarter or the Melody Inn, but you don’t really have bands that play to the all ages crowd. And you have groups that stick around the Emerson and the Hoosier Dome, so there’s a bit of a separation. But there are people that go to shows. Not every one is going to be a big show. We’ve got plenty of metal heads in the Indianapolis area but we need to create more cohesion in the scene and bring it together. We’ve got the talent; we’ve got decent venues.

You’re signed to Haunted Records. Who are they and how did this become your label?:

We are signed to the local label. We got connected to them through Jeff. He is actually in another band called ASD with the guy who runs the label, Shawn Bates. So Jeff just talked to him about putting our new album on the label and he was cool with it.

You all are releasing a new album, Dark Ritual. What should we be looking forward to?:

Look for something heavy. I think we’ve got a good seven-track album. It fits in to what you expect from Occult Deceiver. There are songs about black magic, there are songs about Satanism, there are songs about Brian and Drebeing burned at the stake, but it comes from a fantasy prospective. We’re all kind of nerdy.

Besides the album, is there anything you all are going to be working on in the near future?

With releasing this album we’re planning on getting the album out there, getting merchandise ready. We plan on playing more shows in the Indianapolis area, but also other places.



Want to check out Occult Deceiver?:

Click here for Facebook

Click here for Bandcamp

Occult Deceiver’s next show will be Saturday, July 2 at The Doom Room.

Show starts at 5 p.m.

Free/ All Ages

Get info here.

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