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Live Review: Don’t Cross the Streams, This Time Stars Fall, Farwatch, Hell Came Home, and Awaiting Sacrifice

Hello again metal friends! I was at the 5th Quarter Lounge in Indianapolis to attend the Small Town Wars tour on July 6th. The 5th Quarter is an interesting venue because it’s located in the basement of a gymnasium. I enjoyed it because it’s killer sound system is loud and you can certainly feel the music. Unfortunately, the only downside to the show here was the lighting, but all five of the bands I saw unquestionably lit up the stage.

Awaiting Sacrifice was the first band to play. I had talked with Angel Rodriguez, the guitarist, before the show and he had told me they were doing something different tonight, so I was very excited. As they began to take the stage I was intrigued because they all had jumpsuits and Halloween masks on. They also had two flame boxes set up on stage that would blow bursts of fire which added to their stage presence.

Their set had many new songs and it’s always nice to watch a band perform new material live for the first time. My favorite was easily “Asses to Ashes” which had the entire crowd moving around. Quentin Young was on vocals and he was extremely energetic. Robbie Howard was on drums and L.J. Pelfrey was on bass. These guys fit really well together and it was undeniably an incredible set.

Hell Came Home was the second band to take the stage. These guys are from Muncie, so I have seen them multiple times and they always put on an unbelievable show. They have a song called “Hell Came Home,” which the audience is encouraged to sing along with during the hook and it’s always fun. Not surprisingly, their whole set was excellent.

Danny Dunn is the lead vocalist and he’s notably energetic and draws you in with his hand gestures and his charisma. Reed Thomas and Jeremy Starkey are the guitarists and they both are extremely talented and add to the show with their incredible hair. Andrew Christman is the bassist and he always interacts on stage with the other members of the band. Nathan Richardson is the drummer and he is highly talented and energetic as well. He even let Mona DeMaggio come up on stage and play the drums with him.

Farwatch, a band from northern Indiana, was the third band to take the stage. They are also the only female led band on the bill, so I was extra excited to watch them. This was my first time seeing them, and I was floored when the music started. This band is decidedly heavy while having a folk vibe mixed in. I was impressed and hope to catch another show with them very soon.

They had a super powerful set, including “Library of Eyrpus,” “Citizen Pearl,” and “Hold the New,” to name a few. I was impressed with Mary Flowe, who does lead vocals. Rounding out the band is Martin Bowman on guitar, Chuco on bass, and Daniel Geurs on keyboards, which adds a distinctive element to their music. James Hamilton filled out the band on the drums.

The fourth band was Don’t Cross the Stream. These guys are from Clermont New Hampshire. They are out on tour right now and I am delighted the tour led them to Indianapolis. I had never seen these guys before, so I was excited to see them as well.

Their set included quite a few songs. Each song was extraordinarily intense and I truly liked the way all the songs fit together. “Date Night” and “Dark Revival” were definitely standout songs. Jake Clark is the lead vocalist, Clint Pecor and Kendall Sayer are guitarists, Jeff Thibeult does bass, and the drummer is Jeff Bixby. These guys are absolutely on my list to see again.

The final act of the night and co-headliner of the tour was This Time Stars Fall. These guys are from Vermont and I was super stoked to see them for the first time. They all had a huge amount of energy and were the heaviest band of the night. As they were setting up they were making jokes with the audience which I thought was cool.

Kristian McFarran was on lead vocals and guitar. He was so energetic I had to pull him aside to get a picture after the show because he wasn’t still the whole set. Mike Labelle handles bass and back up vocals. He spent a lot of the set out on the amps by the stage. The drummer, Brandon Stevens, was also really into the set and he was amazing. These guys definitely put on a great set and I also look forward to seeing them again.

This was absolutely a great show. All of the bands were incredible and they all had amazing sets. I would certainly recommend all the bands that played. It was really nice because I had a chance to talk to everyone in the bands. I definitely am ready for my next night of metal. Hope to see you there.

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