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Live Review: Marilyn Manson and Slipknot

Photos by fan Nathan Gladin
Photo by Nathan Gladin

Slipknot and Marilyn Manson brought a storm to Klipsch this past Wednesday. Luckily, it wasn’t Corey Taylor’s broken neck that fans had to worry about, but instead it was the weather.

People stood outside the gates, through the wind and rain, beginning at 6 that evening. There were numerous posts on Facebook from both Klipsch and Slipknot about delaying the gates and show. A few dedicated fans stood through downpour to be first through the gates, which finally opened near 7.

Unfortunately, due to the weather, Of Mice and Men weren’t able to play so the night started with Marilyn Manson, heavy rain and lightning.

Having never seen Manson perform, I was expecting an insane, theatrical and quite creepy show. That was the exact opposite of what we got. The band seemed to do a solid job but Manson wasn’t too excited for the night.

“It’s not raining. God’s just crying because I’m here,” he said in a dry and monotone voice.

His singing came off as emotionless and superficial. Manson would stand around, pointing the mic towards the crowd so they could sing for him. He kept throwing his mic on the ground while wandering to the back of the stage giving the impression that he was done.

Photo by fan Nathan Gladin
Photo by Nathan Gladin

I’m not sure if he was intoxicated, bored, or upset about the rain, but he obviously didn’t put all his effort into the performance and the crowd reflected on it. Maybe this is normal for him these days. Like I said, I’ve never seen the guy perform before Wednesday, but I wouldn’t want to sit through it again.

After Manson and his band left the stage, another storm furiously came through. With every crackle of thunder and flash of lightning the crowd would scream in excitement. After so many loud booms people in the lawn rushed the pavilion, some hiding from the storm and others attempting to reach the stage. Workers tried their hardest to push fans back into the muddy field but there were way too many people to control. It was a very dangerous situation, but that just makes it more metal, right?

“Do you really think a little lightning is going to stop us? Fuck no,” Corey Taylor came onstage and announced as the metal heads screamed louder than the thunder.

Photo by Nathan Gladin


Slipknot put on an outstanding show, with the weather seeming to enhance the performance even further. Shockingly, Taylor didn’t have much to talk about Wednesday night, and the show seemed a bit rushed, but that was probably due to all of the delays.

Of course the percussionists Crahan and Fehn were spinning and beating their sets the hardest they could while keyboardist Jones was rising and falling as he played in the background behind the band. Wilson ran around the stage, hyping up the fans and his fellow members, remembering to head back to the turntables when needed. Taylor belted his vocals the very best he could. He wasn’t pacing around the stage as much as usual but he may be trying to avoid more neck injuries. That didn’t stop him from putting forth his all. Weinberg seemed to do a pretty solid job on his double bass drum set, keeping in groove with the whole band. Finally, guitarists Thomson and Root were roaming the stage and banging their heads with fellow bassist Venturella, who’s neck of his instrument lit up, making him hard to lose onstage.

Photo by Nathan Gladin

The videos playing behind them were a bit bizarre. Some made sense while others seemed a bit outlandish but that’s to be expected. There were maggots, fetuses, pulsating brains, cannibalistic insects and other morbid visuals that were featured as well as the music video to Devil in I.

Songs were played back to back with little time for head bangers to rest. The band played hits from .5: The Gray Chapter to self titled Slipknot. The encore included “Surfacing,” “Duality,” and “Spit It Out.”

I’m sure Indianapolis would love to see Slipknot again next summer, and maybe even Manson can give it another shot, but only if the weather treats us a bit nicer.

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