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Review of Salem’s Childe’s Paradise Lost

Salem’s Childe is a name that has not been heard of in the local scene for well over a decade, with their last known work dating back to 2003, prior to the band deciding to split ways. Over 10 years later, the name Salem’s Childe is back in our ears once again with a new lineup, mixed with original members and new blood, consisting of Dustin Howard (Vocals), Rob Salem (Guitar), James Gates (Bass) and Scott Early (Drums).

Released last September, Salem’s Childe comes right out of the woodwork swinging hard with their latest EP: Paradise Lost. Listening to this album, I felt every piece of heart and high energy coming from each member. The more I listened, the more I found myself closing my eyes and playing air guitar while nodding my head. While I believe the best is still yet to come, for now Paradise Lost is definitely an album worth buying. For fans of old school metal, this album has it all for you with thrash, melodic, and progressive styles coupled with a grunge rock flare. For me, who grew up listening to all these different genres of music, I can definitely say that I was rather impressed with this and I didn’t find any songs that I disliked. The song “Penance” is a personal favorite.

While the band as a whole plays excellently, what stood out to me the most was the teamwork playing between Rob and Scott. Hard-hitting and technical, they both work hand in hand and it shows well. However on the downside, while I did enjoy the music, I felt the vocal work was virtually the same tone for each of the songs. For me this was a slight turnoff, but I could easily find myself still listening while doing things like driving or entertaining guests in my home. I would put this as a must-have for local music.

While most bands don’t often come back after a breakup, and when they do it sometimes doesn’t go very well, Salem’s Childe is most certainly the exception. No steps lost for Paradise Lost.

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