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Album Review(s): Murg + Nachtzeit

Nordvis Produktion is a small label out of Sweden that tends to put out a lot of atmospheric/folk black metal that I generally really like, including albums from bands like Nechochwen, Panopticon, Panphage, Falls of Rauros, and Waldgeflüster. The recent releases from Murg and Nachtzeit, however, definitely don’t fall into the atmospheric or folk categories; both acts play a more traditionally Scandinavian form of black metal, but on different ends of that spectrum. The one thing they have in common, though, is that they’re both fucking outstanding.

At their most furious, mysterious duo Murg’s has that same boot to the throat quality as their Swedish brethren Marduk and Watain. On the whole, though, Gudatall is a much moodier (though still mostly foul moods) and more varied affair, with mid-tempo sections and mellow passages of clean arpeggios balancing out the more traditional blasts and shrieks. “Djupt ner, där frosten inte biter” in particular does a nice job of striking that balance, whereas “Midnattsmässan” is pure fury from start to finish. The album is also really well sequenced, so it never stays in one place stylistically for too long. This is really good stuff.

To call one-man outfit Nachtzeit’s Sagor i natten lo-fi would actually be understating how poorly this was recorded. Not only is there no bass, the drums are buried so far down in the mix that the only thing that’s audible is the hi-hat and an occasional cymbal crash. This EP is all trebly tremolo riffing and tortured shrieks, but sometimes that’s all you need. Sagor i natten is Burzum worship done right: primal, raw, hypnotic, and it is absolutely fucking glorious. Hopefully there’s a full-length coming soon – three songs and an interlude just isn’t enough.

Both albums can be purchased digitally from the Nordvis Bandcamp page. Nordvis releases are available in physical formats via The Collective Distro. 

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