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Iron Hops

Iron Hops: Robinsons Family Brewers The Trooper Red ‘n’ Black

Robinsons Family Brewers The Trooper Red ‘n’ Black Porter (6.8% ABV)

Pour: 16.9 fl. oz bottle into a snifter

Appearance: Pours a dark reddish-brown 2with about half an inch of off-white head that takes its time dissipating, leaving some edging bug not a lot of lacing

Aroma: Sweet – caramel malts, maybe a touch of chocolate. A bit of alcohol in the nose as well, which is surprising given the ABV.

Taste: Watery, for the most part. Faintly nutty and slightly sweet up front, very bitter in the middle and through the finish. Hints of yeast and alcohol in the aftertaste. It does get better as it approaches room temperature – there’s a raisin flavor in the middle in particular that wasn’t there at first—but the aftertaste never really improves.

Mouthfeel: Light for a porter – medium-bodied, but barely. Doesn’t coat the tongue or the teeth. Maybe a touch too carbonated, though.

Iron Maiden is one of my all-time favorite bands, and their previous collaboration with Robinso’s, a pub ale simply called The Trooper, was a drinkable but ultimately unspectacular beer that compares favorably to something like Boddington’s. So given those parameters, I had fairly low expectations for this one when I picked it up. I was still disappointed. This beer is fucking awful – watery, mostly flavorless, and a strong, slightly acidic aftertaste that lingers for entirely too long. I could only handle about half the bottle – I poured the rest of it out.

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