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Album Review: Undergang – Misantropologi

Undergang is one of those bands that just seem to get filthier with each successive release. Granted, no one in their right mind would call their 2010 debut Indhentet af døden a polished-sounding effort, but compared to the absolutely putrid new long-player from the Danish trio, the forthcoming Misantropologi, it might as well be pop-punk. The stench of crypt rot is strong on Misantropologi, but that doesn’t mean that the record is all atmosphere and no riffs. In fact, it’s just the opposite – this might be the best thing they’ve ever done.

At ten tracks in a relatively brief 28-minutes, this isn’t a record that fucks around. After a brief intro sample, “Efter obduktionen” kicks things off sounding with a riff that sounds like Autopsy played with a little more swing, and there’s barely a pause for breath until the last note of the cover of Disgrace’s “The Chasm” that closes the disc. In between is a motley assortment of sick down-tuned riffs, impossibly guttural vocals, and a rhythm section so tight that it can find surprisingly deep pockets in songs that probably have no business having pockets in the first place. Highlights include the mid-tempo stomper “Skåret i småstykker,” the thrashy “Lymfatisk drænage,” and the claustrophobic “Væskende sår,” but there’s honestly not a bad track anywhere on the record. Just hit play and prepare to enjoy the aural assault.

Undergang is about to the road in the US with Necrot, which should make for one hell of a night of death metal. I’m anxious to hear how the tracks on Misantropologi translate in the live setting. This record is a total fucking ripper that old-school death metal fans definitely need to get their hands on ASAP.

Misantropologi will be available on June 23 via Dark Descent.The only preview track released from the album is currently streaming exclusively over at Decibel.

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