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Demo Review: Reputdeath – DEMO II / Demo 2016

They may be based in Malaysia, but Reputdeath sounds more like they crawled out of Gothenburg in the early nineties. This three-piece OSDM act has fully dedicated itself to the classic death metal sound from when the genre was still in it’s infancy, and they do one hell of a job with it. Not a single aspect of this demo could reasonably be described as “clean”: The vocals call to mind someone trying to yell through six feet of dirt while spewing filth from their mouth, and the guitar boasts that loud, chainsaw-esque sound that defined the early days of Swedish death metal. Even the samples sound old, imperfect, and threatening enough to prove that these guys are undoubtedly out for blood.

Beyond the zombie theme (which is actually a throwback itself), Reputdeath has no time for gimmicks or trends. Their second demo is an uncompromising return to the days when Entombed still called themselves Nihilist; even the cover art is reminiscent of most cassette demos. Six tracks of hideous riffs and pounding drums round Reputdeath’s demo out into a satisfying new addition to the already-thriving worldwide death metal scene. The mix is filthy, the riffs are straightforward and terrifying, and who knows how long their vocalist has been rotting for. Old school death metal is dead, and Reputdeath is the shambling remains of it that refuse to be laid to rest.

DEMO II / Demo 2016 is now available as a free download from Reputdeath’s Bandcamp page.

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