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Live Review: RED, 10 Years, and Otherwise

Veteran’s Day is a special day for many across the United States and throughout the world, and many celebrate the day with family members and friends. Others celebrate it by enjoying events that the brave men and women sacrificed to protect. The Vogue Theater and Dahlia Presents in Indianapolis celebrated November 11th with the final date of the RED, 10 Years, and Otherwise tour. Each band recently released brand new albums and were very eager to perform and share what they had been working hard on, and believe me when I say that this tour was on fire! Each band was on point and were at the top of their game in terms of performance.

Otherwise kicked off the night with a lot of energy and excitement. The stage was sort of crowded with the backline of equipment from the other bands, but that did not stop Otherwise from having fun and expressing passion in the form of clean but heavy rock and roll. If you are not familiar with Otherwise, then you should know that they have worked hard to break into the heavy rock scene within the past five years, and there were several hits that I was pleased to see them perform this night. Tracks like “I Don’t Apologize” and “Meet Me in the Dark” had people next to me singing their hearts out. Their live performances was impressive, as I thought they sounded better live than their recorded material. Overall, they had an amazing show and I personally enjoyed them very much, and I would recommend anyone to go see them. Side Note: I got to meet them, and they were extremely nice and humble. Love you guys!

Next up was 10 Years. Their performance was very surprising to say the least. I’ve never really listened to 10 Years much, but I may have to change that very soon. They played new songs as well as different renditions of older songs. They even did a cover of Nirvana’s “Heart Shaped Box.” At one point they had a little jam session where they played some Metallica and Pantera riffs. The biggest hurdle of the night was that their vocalist had lyringitis, and he was struggling to sing to his full potential, but I have to say that he did a hell of a job and I don’t think anyone could’ve handled it as well as him. Overall, their performance was very good, and they knew how to work the crowd in their favor. I would probably see them again!

Headlining the night was the legendary RED. I can simply say that RED is by far the heaviest band I’ve ever seen. Period. That’s it. Done….Seriously, I’ve seen Suicide Silence, Darkest Hour, Fallujah, and other very heavy bands and none of them can compare to how heavy RED was. What makes them so good is that even though they were heavy, you can still understand what’s going on. Their vocalist is very on point and he performs way better live than on record. Their guitarist never missed a riff. Their bass player made the room rumble, and their drummer never missed a beat. They were incredible. They played new songs as well as old ones. I was slightly disappointed that they did not perform “Darkest Part,” as it’s one of my favorite RED tracks, but they did perform “Breathe Into Me” and, “Gone” and that made me especially happy. Overall RED was amazing and they were worth every penny spent. I would recommend everyone to see them.

Otherwise‘s new album Sleeping Lions is out now. Go buy it!

10 Year’s new album (how to live) As Ghosts is out now. Go buy it!

RED’s new album Gone is out now. Go buy it!

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