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Track Premiere: Anarchos – “Dominions of Blasphemy”

I ordinarily try to start one of these track premieres with something interesting or clever, but when it comes to Dutch death metal outfit Anarchos, such attempts at getting the reader’s attention seem a bit beside the point. The first ten seconds of “Dominions of Blasphemy,” which we’re premiering today here at the Vault, do more to explain what the band is all about than I could do in a thousand words.

In fact, I’m not sure those actually are words emanating from somewhere deep within vocalist Frederik Bonke, or what language they might be in if they are: Dutch? The Black Speech of Mordor? The Enochian language of 16th century occultists?

Whatever it is, it’s fucking terrifying. And then that riff comes in, at which point I hit pause and poured lines of salt across all my windowsills and doorways, just in case…

Invocation of Moribund Spirits is the long-awaited debut full-length from Anarchos, who formed back in 2010, and it was definitely worth the long wait. Their sound doesn’t quite fit into the current “old-school death metal” revival, and it doesn’t really have much in common with the slickly produced modern stuff either. Instead, the album sounds like the product of four death metal lifers making the kind of music they want to hear: razor sharp riffs, machine gun drumming, piercing leads, and vocals that probably sound just like the voice of the demon dog that told David Berkowitz to shoot all those people in the mid-70s.

Invocation of Moribund Spirits will be available both digitally and on CD (pre-order here) on December 18 via Blood Harvest Records. It will be also available on vinyl (pre-order here) some time in February 2018. In the meantime, check out our exclusive stream of “Dominions of Blasphemy.”

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