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An Interview With Wolftooth + New Track “Frost Lord”

Prepare your winter gear, because the wolf has been unleashed and the Frost Lord has come to claim the tundra and cast an everlasting winter. Wolftooth is a new and emerging group of musical veterans that have been hard at work and are now ready to unveil their masterful self-titled debut album. These guys are not new to heavy music, as they’ve been playing music their entire lives. I asked them to chat with me about their upcoming album, which will be available on via their Bandcamp on January 19th. Here is my interview with Indiana’s next coolest band, Wolftooth.

Indy Metal Vault: Congratulations on the debut album! You guys have absolutely nailed a unique sound that is intriguing and addictive. I know that you are seasoned musicians who use to dabble in other genres. How did you guys meet and what made you decide to venture into the heavy/stoner/doom scene?

Chris Sullivan: Well, Jeff and I have known each other a long time, as we used to race bikes against each other. All of us have played in other bands together, and about four years ago Terry and I got together and started writing some songs.That fell apart so we took some time off, and in early January (2017), Terry and I got back together with Johnny and started writing some more songs. We had tried out a couple guitarists but knew we wanted to play with Jeff again, so he joined Wolftooth around April, and we started writing songs for our EP that we released in September.

IMV: Let’s talk about the EP for a minute. Your three-song EP received a lot of attention and scored Wolftooth a record deal. Did you expect such a reaction?

CS: Not at all! I think we were all really surprised at the reception that we got from our EP. We felt like we had some really good songs, but really didn’t know what genre we were going to get put in honestly. The reaction we got was a pleasant surprise to say the least, but this is honestly the first band we’ve ever been in where we didn’t try or set out to get signed from a label. We just got together to have fun with friends and it turned out for us.

IMV: That’s how it usually goes. Try to get signed and fail. You don’t try to get signed and you end up getting signed. You mentioned not knowing what genres you were going to be considered. Do you mind telling us what bands influenced the writing of your debut album?

CS: My influences are definitely The Sword and Black Sabbath.

Johnny Harrod: Danzig and Sabbath.

Terry McDaniel: Our music is a bowl full of The Sword, Sabbath, Metallica, Maiden, Red Fang, and C.O.C. to me.

IMV: I have just a few questions left. What was the recording process like and what challenges did you face?

CS: The recording process overall went fairly smooth. Jeremy with LED Fields Studios made everything pretty easy for us. He’s great to work with, and he knows his stuff. I think one of the hardest things was for Jeff and I to play solos, because neither one of us had really ever done that in any of our other bands, but I think we did pretty good. Terry and Johnny are like human metronomes! They’re solid all the way through no matter what we play. Definitely the driving force of the band.

TM: My two cents is that our music was cool with the main pieces, but when Chris and Jeff added guitar overdubs it stepped it up a one hundred percent. Those guitar parts bring those songs to life, and especially the twin guitar harmonies. It’s a staple for us now.

IMV: Great! As we mentioned earlier, you were signed to some labels to propel the release of the album. What has it been like to work with Cursed Tongue and Blackseed Records?

JH: Anytime someone wants to take your music and help you push it to the masses is a definite plus. These people believe in what we are doing, and we are very thankful for that.

CS: Niels and Shy have been great! They back us a one hundred percent, and believe in us and our music, even though our music may not be the normal stoner or doom metal.

TM: Regardless whether it’s stoner or doom, its fuckn metal!

IMV: Alright guys! Thanks for giving us a moment to speak with you. Would you like to add any final thoughts?

Wolftooth: The Buzz is real!

Wolftooth will be available on Bandcamp via digital download on January 19th.
Wolftooth will be available via CD/Cassette on March 9th. Blackseed Records.
Wolftooth will be available via 180 GR Vinyl in May 2018. Cursed Tongue Records.
Vist Wolftooth’s Facebook Page for all band updates.
Vist Wolftooth’s Bandcamp Page.


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Cursed Tongue Records
Cursed Tongue Records January 10, 2018 at 3:42 pm

Great interview and Frost Lord is such a stone cold killer! RIFFS!

Charlie augello January 17, 2018 at 12:43 pm

Holy fuck! Can’t wait to purchase physical copy! Come to New York please.


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