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Album Stream: Rotheads – Sewer Fiends

Think of some of the most common descriptors applied to death metal: subterranean, filth-soaked, putrid, foul. Most of the time, these are references to the grave – the crypt-like atmosphere of so many of the best old-school death metal albums. However, to slightly alter a line from Owen Wilson’s character Eli Cash in The Royal Tenenbaums:

What if it didn’t?

Cue Bucharest’s Rotheads, whose debut fill-length Sewer Fiends will come emanating from your speakers carrying a whole ‘nother kind of stink. From the pentagram made of dead rats that adorns the album’s cover to song titles like “From the Glowing Goo Rise,” “The Dance of the Vermin,” and “Rats in the Walls,” this fetid foursome follow their well-received Unfazed By Death demo with a healthy dose of shitfun. Yeah, there’s definitely some Autopsy in their sound, along with a touch of Incantation and a whole lot of the classic Finnish bands like Abhorrence and Sentenced.

But don’t mistake these Romanians for yet another one of the seemingly endless stream of OSDM throwback bands that are nothing more than a bunch of recycled riffs and a fuckton of reverb that’s supposed to pass for “atmosphere.” Rothead started off as a side project from members of experimental doom/noise/stoner-improv outfit Keeng Ra’at, and you can occasionally hear traces of that experimental side in the surprisingly knotty riffs on tracks like “Servants of the Unlight” and “The Mad Oracle of Seweropolis.” Textured, malevolent, and with just the right amount of melody, Sewer Fiends is sure to make any death metal fan break into a shit-eating grin.

Sewer Fiends will be available on January 22 via Memento Mori. Until then, wade into our exclusive stream of this filth-caked album below.

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