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Album Stream: The Projectionist + Féretro – Aliança Das Chamas Negras (Split)

Okay Vault Hunters – I hope you’re willing to forgive me for some uncharacteristic brevity here, but I’ve only had a few hours to put this premiere together. However, when the opportunity to stream new music from Canadian black metal cabal The Projectionist presents itself, you don’t say no. Aliança Das Chamas Negras (Alliance of the Black Flames), their split with Brazilian outfit Féretro, launches digitally today ahead of its February 28 cassette release. The two bands offer an interesting contrast of styles, but there is one thing that’s consistent about the split: it’s a fucking beast for the entirety of its 40+ minute run time.

For those not familiar with The Projectionist, the easiest way to describe their sound is to call it strongly second wave-influenced depressive black metal with some seriously pained sounding shrieks from vocalist Lörd Matzigkeitus (also of currently shit-hot Canadian/South Korean kvlt black metallers Thy Sepulchral Moon). Their half of the split is basically aural violence in its purest form, containing what may be the rawest, most harrowing music of their brief yet remarkably prolific careers. After the dungeon synth-esque opening track “Destroyer’s Void,” it’s pure, feral aggression for the rest of their side, culminating with the stunning 7+ minute ‘Frozen Dragon’s Eastern Claw,” which is easily one of the strongest tracks in the band’s entire discography.

Just about anything would sound polished by comparison after The Projectionist’s half of the split, but Féretro genuinely do have a slightly more refined approach on their side. For starters, they seem to lean a bit more towards the death metal than black metal end of the spectrum, and the production on their tracks definitely reflects that. The four songs they contribute to Aliança Das Chamas Negras are filled with enough hellish, nasty riffs to satisfy any fan of South American black/death metal without ever fully crossing over into bestial or “war metal” territory like a lot of the region’s Bestial Warlust-inspired bands. A better comparison point would actually be long-running outfit Mystifier, whose bassist/keyboardist/vocalist Diego DoUrden contributes guest guitars and vocals to Féretro side of the split.

Aliança Das Chamas Negras is currently available as a name your price download from The Projectionist’s Bandcamp page. You can also pre-order the limited run cassette (fewer than 20 of which are available as of this writing) from Appalachian Noise Records.

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