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Album Review: Fight the Fight-Fight the Fight

Here is my first review of the year! I receive promos from many different bands of various
genres and I think it’s safe to say that I’m one of the few content editors here at the IMV that will
tackle bands that could fall into more commercial genres. I’m a little late to review this, but I’ve
thoroughly sifted through Fight The Fight’s self-titled debut album and I have a few things to say
about it!

First, a little bit about Fight the Fight: they consist of younger musicians, but they’ve apparently
been playing over a decade under a different band name called Faenskap. They are from
Norway and have performed hundreds of gigs and festivals across Europe for many years. So
these guys finally released their debut album and partnered with Indie Recordings and Metal
Blade Records to push the official release. Needless to say, these guys have earned their spot
in the metal world. But let’s discuss their long-awaited album.

Genre-wise they are pretty much a tricked out metalcore band that incorporates others genres
such as rock, punk, and some prog elements. They claim to have some black metal influence,
but I honestly can’t hear it. So I’m not sure what they mean by that. Just because you’re from
Norway doesn’t mean you’re black metal (Haha, just poking fun).

Fight the Fight’s debut album is nothing short of catchy. The main point of focus here is that this
is a very solid album and it’s a very strong first attempt. It has its flaws, but nothing that is
detrimental to the music or the vibe it’s trying to achieve. Catchy melodies and powerful vocal
arrangements make this album special. Several times I found myself humming some of the
vocal lines from tracks such as “The Other Side” and “The Edge” outside of listening to the
actual music. The production of the album is pretty phenomenal and the mix serves justice to
certain parts that absolutely needed to stand out, such as gang vocals throughout the record,
and conveying emotion in various parts of the tracks.

One thing I will point out that was a slight turn-off for myself was that their opening track
“Fight The Fight” was kinda corny. I get what they were going for, but I just wasn’t digging that
intro part of the song. Other than that, I enjoyed the rest of the song…besides when it comes
back to the intro later in the song. I loved the track “The Other Side.” That gang
vocal, “Hey Sucker! Is this what you came for!” is one of my favorite parts of the whole album. It
makes me want to yell that at people! Another track that I liked was “Addictions.” The chorus
and the chugging guitars really caught my attention and it made me want to throw a chair
through a window. “Patient Zero” and “My Emperor” are the last two tracks on the album and
they are probably the most metal tracks compared to the rest. Ultimately, the song
arrangements are impressive and are not often very repetitive or boring. Each track has its own
direction and it doesn’t borrow from other tracks. That’s good to see, because all too often do I
see metalcore bands get lazy and basically write the same over and over.

I mentioned earlier that this album has its flaws, and one of them is the vocals. I love the clean
vocals and the lower register yells, but I can’t stand the high pitch screams. I like that there are
multiple styles of vocals going on, but it’s a little much. Another flaw is that the front half of the
album is much stronger than the back half. But I know that the band has been performing these
songs for a long time, and I’m sure their next album will be much different than this one, so I’m
confident that these petty things I’m pointing out won’t be an issue come the next album.

Overall, Fight the Fight’s debut album is a very solid effort. The songs are very catchy and these
guys have a very promising future ahead of them. The production of the album is superb and
the track arrangements are definitely above average. While the high pitched vocals are slightly
problematic, the quality of the rest of the album makes up for it. I recommend this album to
anyone who is seeking a fresh take on modern day metalcore. I’m personally looking forward to
their next record! Great job guys!

Fight the Fight’s Self-titled album is available now via Bandcamp.

Keep up with Fight the Fight on their Facebook Page.

Visit Metal Blade Records here.

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