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Short Sharp Shock #4: Visiting the Old-School

Sometimes when I put together one of these columns, it’s essentially a semi-random collection of bands thrown together under the loose concept of short, (or short-ish, or traditionally short), releases. At other times I like there to be another more tangible theme on top of this, too. For this edition of Short Sharp Shock, I’ve gone for an old-school theme of sorts. As such, featured below are five releases either by old-school bands or newer band splaying old-school styles. Either way, it’s time to get down to the mosh pit and bang your head and fists to some glorious metal.

TeratomaBand(s): Teratoma

Title: In the Inside… Reborn the Flesh

Style(s): Brutal Death Metal

Duration: 22 minutes

Release date: December 28, 2017

It seems that these Spanish death metal veterans have reformed. This is the band’s first real new release in about 17 years. Consisting of 5 songs and an intro, this is brutal, grindcore-infected stuff. If you like your death metal old-school-yet-timeless, then this is a very decent and enjoyable hit of savagery. Think of a less melodic Avulsed and you’ll have an idea of what Teratoma get up to on this brutal EP.

Tentation Iron SlaughtBand(s): Tentation/Iron Slaught

Title: 665 Les Hordes Metalliques

Style(s): Classic Heavy Metal

Duration: 40 minutes

Release date: February 15, 2018

After Teratoma’s brutal Spanish assault, we now turn to France. One of the longer ‘short’ releases to be featured in this column, this is an enjoyable romp through mostly traditional heavy metal waters. Almost like the 80s never ended, at least for Tentation; both bands here revel in pure heavy metal and remind us just how joyous and glorious true metal can be. Tentation’s side is the less polished, more old-school of the two. Iron Slaught are also thoroughly old-school, but their production is less raw and a bit more up-to-date, there’s also the occasional nod to more modern elements here and there in their sound. Both bands have a selection of enjoyable songs to offer, however, and this is definitely a split any old-school heavy metal fan should check out.

Crypt Rot CringeBand(s): Crypt Rot/Cringe

Title: Nocturnal Deterioration | Memento Mori

Style(s): Swedish Death Metal/Crossover Thrash

Duration: 21 minutes

Release date: February 9, 2018

Now we come to this very tasty split between two US bands, Crypt Rot and Cringe. The former play a melodic and atmospheric, yet still very savage, take on Swedish death metal, while the latter play a mix of 90s hardcore and raging thrash metal. Both bands deliver the goods on this split release, but for me it’s Crypt Rot’s songs that really stand out. Very tasty indeed.

CistBand(s): Cist

Title: The Frozen Casket

Style(s): Old-School Death Metal

Duration: 21 minutes

Release date: March 16, 2018

Now, metal brothers, let us turn to mother Russia in search of the latest underground treats. Well, I say latest, but Cist’s EP The Frozen Casket already sounds about 30 years old. Taking a strong influence from the death/thrash of the time, if you have a love of Death, Obituary, and Pestilence, then there’s absolutely nothing you won’t like here – nothing at all. This is so authentic it hurts, but it’s also pretty damn good as well. There’s an undeniable energy and passion here that’s heartening, and the band back this up with obvious songwriting clout.

Camo Pants Records

The Frozen Casket is being released in March on cassette by small Scottish label Camo Pants Records, (hence the picture above, which is so endearing I had to share it). In many ways, The Frozen Casket is as old-school as it gets.

BiterBand(s): Biter

Title: The Eyes of the Biter

Style(s): Old-School Heavy Metal

Duration: 22 minutes

Release date: October 31, 2017 (I think)

We now hop over to Brazil for our last band of this edition. Apparently this is the band’s debut album, but as it’s playing time is a mere 22 minutes, it’s essentially the length of an EP so I feel justified in including it in this column. Biter play classic heavy metal, and they do it with wild eyes and a delinquent attitude. Although still rough around the edges and with some way to go before they’re able to truly make a splash in the old-school metal underground, this is till an enjoyably atavistic listen.

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