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Short Sharp Shock #6: HELL YEAH!

Hell yeah! Time for Short Sharp Shock again! HELL YEAH!

Okay, so wild enthusiasm out of the way, here’s another five short releases for you to wrap your listening gear around.

Black Blood InvocationBand(s): Black Blood Invocation

Title: Atavistic Offerings to the Sabbatic Goat

Style(s): Black/Death Metal

Duration: 12 minutes

Release date: November 10, 2017

I like Black Blood Invocation a lot. When you want dark, evil death metal with added black metal infernal grandeur, they’re there for you. The band only have this short EP and a demo to their name (both from last year), but already they are very definitely ones to watch in the underground extreme metal world. This is a very satisfying hit of nasty, occult black/death malevolence.

As a bonus, check out the band’s demo below.

Eccentric PendulumBand(s): Eccentric Pendulum

Title: Tellurian Concepts

Style(s): Progressive/Experimental Death Metal

Duration: 18 minutes

Release date: October 22, 2017

From the ancient sounding Black Blood Invocation to the newer Eccentric Pendulum, this Indian band have produced an impressive EP that mixes progressive, jazz, and djent elements into their modern, experimental death metal sound. This is definitely non-standard work, but the band make it look easy. Boasting an engaging 18 minutes of music that was apparently conceived as a single, long song that has been chopped up into three tracks (unnecessarily so in my opinion), it’s clear that the band are not lacking in either ambition or talent.

GodlessBand(s): Godless

Title: Centuries of Decadence

Style(s): Death Metal

Duration: 18 minutes

Release date: May 7, 2016

Did I also mention that the singer of Eccentric Pendulum is in Godless? No? Well he is. He’s also in the mighty Gutslit, but their work is currently album-only, rather than anything that’s Short Sharp Shock suitable. So, Godless’ debut (and only) EP is four tracks of muscular brutality mixed with a bit of thrashing groove. With a well-recorded, solid sound, this release combines influences old and new into a timeless blend of professional death metal. If the band ever get around to recording a full length album then I’ll be lined up to hear it.

NòttBand(s): Nòtt

Title: Nòtt

Style(s): Atmospheric Black Metal

Duration: 25 minutes

Release date: January 17, 2018

We now turn to the recently released solo black metal project that comes to us from a member of Amiensus. As such, you’d expect it to be pretty good, and you’d be right. Whether this is actually an album or an EP seems to be up for some debate – I have seen it described in various places as either one or the other. Who to believe? Regardless, with a 25-minute duration, it’s a suitable candidate for inclusion in this column.

What does it sound like? Very, very tasty black metal, that’s what. This is music that’s cold and intense, taking the scathing aggression of the style and injecting into it elements of the atmospheric and progressive styles, although there’s more of the former than the latter overall. The songs paint a bleak picture of the universe, empty of life and colder than ever. The music is exploratory and easily expressive, with obscure melodies powering the dark music, and acidic vocals screaming into the careless void. I really like this a lot.

HarBand(s): Har

Title: Visitation

Style(s): Black Metal

Duration: 18 minutes

Release date: March 2, 2018

And finally we come to Har. Visitation contains the kind of evil, lethal, shadowy black metal that is surely blessed by the darkest of foul gods. Sinister atmosphere and grim melodies are sustained by a band that surely know more about daemonic incantations and summoning than most; indeed, their singer appears to be more daemon than human. Somewhere along the line these hideous hymns to corruption have picked up some rotten death metal too, meaning that there’s some real taut muscle here too, underlying the sense of threat and danger that Har project. This is a fitting way to end this edition of Short Sharp Shock, and I leave you to descend into the underworld of Visitation at your own peril.

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