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Rolling Stoned with Nick Burks of Stonecutters – Volume I

Loyal Vault Hunters already know this, but for everyone else: Louisville’s Stonecutters are one of our favorite bands here at IMV. They just finished recording their as-yet-unittled new album and are on a quick 10-date southern jaunt, and guitarist Nick Burks agreed to keep a diary of sorts for us while they’re on the road. Here’s his first report as they’re making their way through Texas. 


Hello everyone, and welcome to my column. You’re all so handsome. When not playing shows on road, we spend most of it driving. So I’ll usually ride shotgun and Kevin Redford (our bassist) will drive and we will tell bad jokes. Here’s one I’m proud of, but it’s not really a joke – it’s more of a situational comedy scenario.

I want to open a country music diner/autobody repair shop and call it “Reba’s Mac & Tire”

Looking back on what I just wrote, this has potential to be a dank meme.

Day One

We played St. Louis on the first night of this tour and stayed at Brent Dossett’s (bassist from A Hill to Die Upon) home. Definitely partied and ate pizza.

(At the Sinkhole in St. Louis –  post show enthusiasm Photo: Chris Smith)

 Day Two

Day two was in Wichita at The Elbow Room. Fun fact: my first show with Stonecutters was in Kansas. I can’t remember where exactly in Kansas, because I’ve lost my mind. RIP my memory. We got to play with our friends in Bridegeist. They are a killer melodic death metal band and use a lot of amps. It’s insanely loud, just as metal should be played. We stayed at Rick Lopez’s home in Wichita. He played bass in Merauder and Bloodclot. His wife made us homemade minestrone soup and I ate two bowls. It was just that good.

Day Three

Ahh yes – now we are in Texas (and driving through Texas as I write this). We got to play The Curtain Club in Dallas as part of the annual Deep Ellum Metal Fest, which was  was insane. Three different venues (one had bands inside and on the rooftop patio), all within three blocks, having metal bands play. I can finally say I saw someone mosh on top of a roof. Goals. We got to stay at our friends Kelsey Wilson, Emily Nation, and Andi Cuba’s home, aka The Tricounty Terror Complex. We met Tricounty Terror the first time we played Dallas. We played a show together and the rest is history. Go see them if they play your town!

(At The Curtain Club in Dallas. Look at that stud behind the kit.)

Day Four

We are en route to San Antonio right now, and it is 93 degrees. It’s a dry heat, though, so don’t worry –  we’ll be fine. My phone isn’t about overheat or anything like that.

I’ll talk to y’all later, I’m pretty heated right now


If you live in any of these cities, you still have a chance to catch Louisville’s finest on their current run: 

3/12-Houston/Vollie Ray’s Circus
3/14-Austin/Spider House Ballroom
3/15 Lafayette, La/Freetown BoomBoomRoom
3/16-New Orleans/Santo’s Bar
3/17-Hattiesburg, MS/The Tavern

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