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Rolling Stoned with Nick Burks of Stonecutters – Volume II

Everyone’s favorite shredder Nick Burks is back with his second dispatch from the road as Stonecutters make their way across the southern states. 


The Tex Files

Hello again, you are all beautiful strong people. I’m writing this in a Super 8 room somewhere between Texas and Louisiana. We checked the mattresses for bed bugs and we are pretty sure we are okay. Fun fact: this is day eight and we’ve only had to get one hotel room the entire tour. So big thanks is in order for all the wonderful people that let four smelly dudes into their homes!!!

Day Four 

SAN ANTONIO. We love playing that city. We played a small venue, but it was PACKED. Cave of Swimmers was the other band on the bill. They are a two piece metal band from Miami. It’s insane. Their guitar player has more pedals than a noise band. They even did a cover of “Fight Fire with Fire” which caused the room to be destroyed. Another reason why we love San Antonio is because of the show’s promoter, Loy Edward Smoak Jr. He brought several crates of  records and DJed outside while the bands played inside the club. He’s the king of Rock N’ Roll. I’m 100% sure I partied and played air guitar to Judas Priest’s “Turbo Lover.”

(Left to right: me, Loy, and Arturo of Cave of Swimmers)

After we played San Antonio we drove through the night and camped on the beach in Corpus Christi. Feeling pretty crusty the day after playing a show, we went to a Planet Fitness in Corpus Christi to take showers. Life hack: if your friend has a Planet Fitness card, you can go as a guest. Well, the hot shower wasn’t working so I didn’t shower. I noticed a mall attached to the Planet Fitness, so I did some exploring. Turns out this mall was 90% abandoned. Online marketplaces have killed the mall. RIP mall culture.

Day Five (continued)

Houston aka Screwston was a party. Brian Omer and Kevin Redford have an old friend from Kentucky that lives in Houston, so he was kind enough to let us stay with him. Beds and showers for all! Touring is just urban camping if you haven’t figured that out yet. The best part of our Houston stop was our friend Barnaby Struve making a surprise appearance. We met Barnaby when we played Indianapolis with Entombed and Exmortus a few years ago at The Fifth Quarter (RIP). He was selling merch for Entombed and we just hit it off.  He flew from Portland, Oregon to see us play and hang with Venomous Maximus (definitely need to check them out!!! Their album No Warning rules)

Day Six

We had an off day in Houston, and I remember some of it. It started with the band meeting up with Barnaby and some of his friends at a Mexican restaurant for lunch. I ate spinach enchiladas and drink a few margaritas. After lunch we went across the street to a secondhand bookstore and browsed for bit. Kevin and Omer went back to house to take a nap while our drummer Chris Smith, myself, Barnaby, and his buddy Ryan went to a bar called The Alabama Icehouse aka The Icehouse and day drank. It was nice just to relax and not be in a rush. Barnaby shared some funny stories about touring with Nothing, doing photo shoots for Dying Fetus, and living in a van with Iron Reagan. After The Icehouse, we stopped by Secret Tattoo and Barnaby introduced me to Gregg Higgins. He tattoos at Secret Tattoo and plays guitar and sings in Venomous Maximus. Gregg rules and so does the tattoo shop!

(Left to right, Barnaby Struve, me, Trevi Biles, and Joel Torrez)

After the tattoo shop, we went to another bar called Rudyards. We drank and ate tater tots. Met a lawyer that told me one in twenty-five people is a sociopath and a sociopath’s number one trait is pity. I’m not a psychology expert, but it was cool to listen in on the conversation. We all took a shot of bourbon and said our goodbyes.

Best joke I heard from Barnaby, “What did the metalhead say to his girlfriend?” “Old bitch you hairy”

Day Seven

We played a SxStoner Jam in Austin at The Spiderhouse Ballroom. There were a total of 49 bands on 5 stages. It was insane to say the least. We played at 4:15 and had a killer crowd. I think we were the only band that had blastbeats. We were the odd band out but the crowd loved it. I got to see our friends in Doomstress, Witchcryer, Beerwolf, and Great Electric Quest rip it up.

On stage in Austin

We are in a van right now heading to Louisiana to play a few shows. I’m listening to the final mixes of our new record on my headphones. Oh yeah, we got a new record coming out this year…but more about that later.


If you live in either of these cities, you still have a chance to catch Louisville’s finest on their current run: 

3/16-New Orleans/Santo’s Bar
3/17-Hattiesburg, MS/The Tavern

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