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EP Review: Dream Troll – The Witch’s Curse

What was your favorite pleasant surprise from last year?  Mine was Dream Troll’s debut full-length The Knight of Rebellion, hands-down.  I’m probably the last guy to jump into some power metal, especially of the cheesy variety, but even I will admit Dream Troll got it goin’ on. These Brits are on an epic quest to bring the bulging muscles and oversized swords back to metal, and their quest continues with their new EP, The Witch’s Curse.

Dream Troll are less than a couple years into their career, and yet The Witch’s Curse already feels like the final boss battle.  Perhaps it’s the lyrical concept that drives the EP: the story of a mighty warrior out to free his beloved Isabella from an evil witch.  That certainly contributes, but I attribute most of the EPs success to the band’s new lead singer, Paul Walsh. No offense to Rob Stringer, who provided vocals on their full-length and whose charm was infectious, but the charisma and skill that Walsh brings to each song is unmatched.

Every other member of the band has also stepped up their game.  Being an EP comprised of 3 songs, each averaging about 7 minutes in length, the songwriting is expected to be rather progressive, and indeed it is.  Crystal-clear production puts the band’s sharp drumming, epic riffing, and melodic leads on full display. For those that heard last year’s Knight of Rebellion (and shame to those that have yet to), I’m willing to bet the melodies most definitely stuck out to you, and you can expect the same with The Witch’s Curse.

There’s something instantly memorable with Dream Troll.  The timing of this EP, being so soon after their full-length debut, makes me wonder if the band had an “ain’t a thing but a chicken wing” attitude about releasing it.  That’s scary impressive, folks.  If this is the quality we can expect from an almost supplementary EP, imagine what Dream Troll’s next full-length will be like.  Keep a watchful eye.

The Witch’s Curse was released by Dream Troll on February 2nd, 2018 and is available digitally and on CD through the band’s Bandcamp page.

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