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An Interview With Indominus

Last year, Indominus endeared me to their cause with their debut EP Legion Within. It was a promising release with lots of piss n’ vinegar in the tank, fueling the heavy, musclebound riffs. Now, in preparation for their upcoming full-length, the band sat down to answer some of my questions about tour life, writing, ad new Indominus material.

IMV: To start things off, I wanna know, where did the name Indominus came from. Translated, it means “indomitable.” Is there a story behind the name, or was it just something one you came up with and it ended up sticking?

There isn’t a huge story behind the name, it has a lot of different meanings but it can mean “fierce” or “savage beast.” We thought it sounded pretty metal and fit the music style, so we just went with it!

IMV: Your debut EP Legion Within has been out since September 2016. In the time between then and now, what has the reception been like?

It’s been really positive, the Legion EP was received very well. We got a lot of reviews and all of them have been good, some pretty hardcore-critics have spoken well of it too! The songs have all been played live and they’ve gone down well with the crowd. Two of the songs on the EP are played in a lower tuning, but recently we decided to play the track “BackBone” in a lower tuning as well. Immediately we thought to ourselves “Why the hell didn’t we do this before??” hahaha.

IMV: Two years isn’t a small amount of time. How do you feel the band has changed and evolved since the release of Legion Within?

The band has evolved quite a lot, and our lineup has also changed since the EP in that Simon (guitar/backing vocals) moved to doing guitar and lead vocals full time when Alan (former frontman) resigned. Our musical style has stuck with the death metal/melodic death metal sound, but our newer material is definitely the heaviest and darkest we’ve done so far, not to mention all of our new songs are played in the lower tuning we mentioned in the previous question. The lyrical themes on the Legion EP were for the most part about government corruption and inner struggles, with some metaphorical themes thrown in. With the new material, we’ve also gone into further subjects such as fear mongering, narcissism, sociopathy, world problems and the human mind.

Vocally on the Legion EP, it was dual scream/growls so there was a somewhat deathcore vibe. The vocal style now is more straight death metal; however, we’re still keeping with the dual style when we record.

In terms of writing style, we’ve kept our mixed bag in that we have fast, slow, groove-laden passages and melody mixed in too. We’re also going to be recording a single track in around a month’s time, titled “Ambivalence (Stood Still)” which has a story theme lyrically..

IMV: Tell me a little bit about the metal scene in Belfast. Is it something of a close-knit community, or is it sort of every band for themselves? Is there a lot of support and coverage for underground metal?

Belfast has a good scene, there are a lot of cool bands and a lot of talent in Northern Ireland in general. The last gig we played in Belfast was the Bloodstock Metal to the Masses night. There was a really cool atmosphere, the crowd were kickass, and a we had a ball.

IMV: You’ve been playing some new material live, and have shown off some lyrics from the song “Cerebral Genocide.” Is this all leading up to a debut full-length?

“Cerebral Genocide” is one of the new tracks we’ve played live. Lyrically it covers fear-mongering, propaganda, media manipulation and the negative impact it has on peoples’ minds.  It’s going to be on the next release (after the “Ambivalence (Stood Still)” single). This next release will be another five track EP which is currently un-named, and the new songs that we have been playing live recently will all be included on it. A full length album is in the cards, but we’re focusing on putting out a killer second EP first!

IMV: It seems like you guys have been doing pretty well when it comes to live shows. Are there any plans in the works for a full tour down the line?

We’re currently making plans to do some international shows next year, and potentially a couple of small tours. Full sized tours could be difficult for us due to jobs, mortgages, university and all that sort of thing, but we definitely will be getting on the road at some stage.

IMV: Before we go, I wanna ask what albums have you guys been jamming lately? What new releases have really grabbed your ears?

Quite a lot!

Simon – Aeon (Aeons Black), Empyrion (Mindshifter), Vader (The Empire), Septic Flesh (Codex Omega), the DOOM soundtrack

Logan – Nails (You Will Never be One of Us), Dying Fetus (Wrong One to Fuck With), Primitive Man (Caustic)

Mark – Grave (Out of Respect for the Dead), Metallica (Hardwired), Megadeth (Dystopia)

Nathan – August Burns Red (Phantom Anthem), Disney Greatest Hits (helps with his blast beats and feeds his general desires for disorder), Shadow of Intent (Reclaimer), Fit For a King (Deathgrip), NCS records

IMV: Thank you again for taking the time to chat! I’m looking forward to hearing what you guys have in store for us next! 

Cheers guys, thanks for following us!

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