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An Interview with Sin Quirin of Ministry

Speaking with Ministry guitarist Sin Quirin as the band makes it way from Canada through Montana, you get the sense that Ministry is advancing onto another evolutionary trek in their storied history. Quirin has worked with mercurial Ministry leader Al Jourgensen since 2007, with their newest release AmeriKKKant being the latest in that legacy. Prior to joining Ministry he was lead guitarist for Tactics and Society 1, and has twice been nominated for Grammy with Ministry. Sin had written much of the music from previous albums, The Last Sucker (2007), Cover Up (2008), Relapse (2012), and Beer to Eternity (2013). All the while Al has managed the lyrical duties.

The Process:
This time around Sin stated, “There was more of a collaborative effort with the guys. I’ve gotten feedback that this album has a Filth Pig vibe with a unique modern feel to it.” Reflecting on his musical duties and approach to past song writing ventures up until this album he states things were a bit different this time around, “While in the past I usually write the musical parts and Al the lyrics, AmeriKKKant was very much a collaborative effort.” Cesar, Jason, Roy, JB, and Al were all involved,” In this case Sin showed up with the musical blueprint and the guys wrote most of the album in the studio making it a very organic process. For example Sin wrote “Twilight Zone” in 2016 and in the studio is where the completed version took shape.


While Ministry has a well established history of anti-politically slanted albums, most notably Houses of the Mole and Rio Grande Blood. Sin sees AmeriKKKant as an album that can and should be interpreted on many. Sin reflects “This album is a statement based the political climate we are living in, however Ministry music touches people on many levels and that is what makes our music a success.” He want onto add, “And that musical interpretation, whether it moves people from a political standpoint or the music moves them from another realm, that’s what I feel like makes our music a success.”

Down Time and the Rock N Roll Lifestyle:

When asked about down time and touring life, Sin was quick to add, “I’ve always been clean and sober. Never drank, smoked, did drugs. Therefore I’ve never altered my lifestyle on the road as it’s never an issue.” As far as down time “I’m either my studio where I record everything, good and bad. Or I’m making guest appearances like on the recent KMFDM album Hell Yeah.”

Final words:

Of course we had to know if there was new songs or collaboration on the Revolting Cocks. Sin let us know that “Al and I are planning on releasing a new RC’s album soon. We have 4-5 songs. But it all depends on our touring schedule . We have Europe coming up and a possible fall tour as well.”

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