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Short Sharp Shock #11: Random Metal Releases

As I write this I’m searching for some vaguely meaningful way to tie all of the below metal releases together, rather than have them seen as being chosen relatively randomly. It occurs to me, however, that the latter is actually much closer to the truth; these are just five short releases that I’ve had the good fortune to listen to recently, so without further preamble I present them to you below in all of their glory…

Blissful StreamBand(s): Blissful Stream

Title: Dead Religious

Style(s): Doom Metal/Rock

Duration: 14 minutes

Release date: March 3, 2018

We start this Short Sharp Shock with one of my favourite underground doom/rock one man bands out there. If you’re unfamiliar with Blissful Stream, I heartily recommend that you check out all of this quality outfit’s recordings; sadly, there are not many of them yet. As for this latest EP, well, it’s quite simply the best of the bunch so far. With great strides forward in all areas of songwriting, vocals, production, and performance, Dead Religious is quite simply a wonderfully endearing and absorbing little release. If you only listen to one of the releases on this list, make it this one, (of course, you actually MUST listen to all of them. Sorry, but them’s the rulez).

NeolithicBand(s): Neolithic

Title: Cult of Ignorance

Style(s): Deathcrust

Duration: 8 minutes

Release date: April 4, 2018

Neolithic mix crust/hardcore influences into their ugly, filthy brand of old-school death metal. Short and nasty, the tracks on this EP are heavy-hitters full of rage and aggression, and offer exactly the kind of brutal, belligerent extremity that should hopefully have fans of both old and new salivating. Apart from a one-track split release, this is their first EP, and I can’t wait to hear more from them in the future.

PandradorBand(s): Pandrador

Title: Śmierć Baldura

Style(s): Death Metal

Duration: 13 minutes

Release date: September 17, 2017

Although this release may actually only be a demo, its quality and production levels might lead you to believe otherwise. Pandrador play muscular, Decapitated-influenced death metal with a Viking theme that’s further enhanced with synths and some black metal aspects. The end result is an enjoyable and very promising 13 minutes of aggression and brutal atmosphere. If the band can keep this up then this demo bodes well for their future releases.

AgathoclesBand(s): Agathocles/Psychoneurosis

Title: War Fetisjists Kill/Grind Resurrection – Split

Style(s): Grindcore

Duration: 14 minutes

Release date: March 2, 2018

A split between two veteran, long-running bands, this is a whirlwind of devastation and destruction. The self-styled mincecore of Agathocles is juxtaposed against the streamlined ultra-brutality of Psychoneurosis, and both bands come off very well on this short split. Each band put their own spin on old-school grind, with Agathocles offering a raw, unpolished, and nasty collection of tracks that are loose and dangerous, whereas Psychoneurosis are tighter and more muscular, offering utter brutality that’s delivered with charisma and personality. There are two different artworks too, check out the Psychoneurosis one below –


If you’re unfamiliar with these bands then this is as good a place as any to check them out. It’s a worthy, scathingly aggressive listen.

All My SinsBand(s): All My Sins

Title: Zov iz Magle

Style(s): Black Metal

Duration: 13 minutes

Release date: February 7, 2018

We finish with a black metal release from All My Sins. This 7″ EP acts as a taster, (“Zov iz Magle”), for the band’s forthcoming debut album, as well as offering an exclusive other new track too, (“Sa Dna”). The former is sharp second wave black metal with an atmospheric and melodic aspect, while the latter has similar qualities, but with more of a gloomy, Gothic doom metal influence. This release has made me extremely excited for the band’s new album, so check this out and get in on the action before the main event happens.

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Marcin Jagieła April 12, 2018 at 12:54 pm

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