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Single Review: Ghost – “Rats”

Have you been keeping up with all of Ghost’s latest theatrics?  Good boy.  I guess I don’t have to tell you then that the band recently unveiled their “new” boombox-toting frontman Cardinal Copia last week, and soon after teased a few seconds of much-anticipated new music. Talks and promises of a new Ghost album have been in the pipeline for awhile now, and we finally have our first malicious and delicious taste.

“Rats” is the title of the new single from Ghost’s upcoming record, Prequelle, but it ain’t as grimy as the title might suggest.  Ghost has been stating that their follow-up to 2015’s excellent Meliora would see the band take a much darker route, but this new song doesn’t necessarily hint at that.  The single starts with some classic heavy metal riffing before Cardinal Copia comes in with a melody reminiscent of a less sinister “Year Zero.”  In what has become trve Ghost fashion, the chorus is big and epic, with one hell of a catchy vocal hook.

The bridge of the song comes in the form of two guitar solos, the first of which is slightly underwhelming, the second a bit more energetic. The outro, however, is where it’s at folks.  Get a load of that creepy harpsichord, the thudding bass drum, the synthy organ, and that dirty-ass riff.  Perhaps this section of the single is a more accurate glimpse at what the rest of the album will offer?  Either way, “Rats” is pretty good stuff.

Rats (Official Video) by Ghost on VEVO.

Speaking of the rest of the album, pre-orders are now available through Loma Vista Recordings, ready for a June 1st release date.  The album artwork certainly sets a tone.  Ghost drop the whole Art Deco charade for something much more…Renaissance? Baroque?  Whatever you call that style. It looks busy and nasty, and I fucking love it. The tracklist for Prequelle has also been revealed, check it out below. Notice the significantly longer-than-usual song lengths? I have a feeling we’re all in for quite a ride.

Prequelle tracklist: 

  1. Ashes 4:52
  2. Rats 4:21
  3. Faith 4:24
  4. See The Light 4:09
  5. Miasma 6:47
  6. Dance Macabre 5:11
  7. Pro Memoria 9:16
  8. Witch Image 7:27
  9. Helvetesfonster 7:57
  10. Life Eternal 17:08

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Brenson Harmon
Brenson Harmon April 14, 2018 at 4:33 pm

Ghost sucks now. Sell outs. Commercial scumbags. Ha

C. B. Lone April 20, 2018 at 4:54 am

I like the sound they’ve put into it, though it took me a bit to get into it at first. It’s like the band I never knew I wanted. All hail Papa and C.C.?


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