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Track Premiere: Intent – “Network Failure”

Since today is Friday the 13th, I hope our loyal Vault Hunters will indulge me in a bit of an extended (and perhaps slightly strained) metaphor…

Thrash is the Jason Voorhees of metal genres. No matter how many times people have said that it’s dead, it keeps coming back – hacking paths of destruction that may seem a bit familiar from the last time around, but still manage to be a metric fuckton (totally real measurement) of fun all the same.

I wouldn’t put money on any of the members of Mesa, Arizona-based upstarts Intent actually having been alive the last time Slayer released a truly great album (that would be 1990’s Seasons in the Abyss, for those keeping score at home), but they do a much better job of bringing those precise, Reign in Blood-style sonic attacks than anything that band currently masquerading as Slayer has in at least two decades.

That’s not to say, however, that Intent are yet another one of those rehashed re-thrash bands who keep drawing from the same well of riffs that bands like Exodus, Testament, Death Angel, Sadus, Slayer, and the good Metallica drew from until it damn near ran dry. In fact, they’re far from it – these dudes have instrumental chops for days, and the songwriting skills to match. In fact, what sounds a bit like a progressive influence seeps into their sound every now and again (apparently dude wearing a Vektor t-shirt in the pic above isn’t just showing a little home state love), making Intent one of the few modern thrash bands with the ability to keep listeners guessing about where exactly their arrangements are heading next.

Today we’re stoked to be premiering “Network Failure,” the first song from Intent’s debut full-length Vox Populi, which will be out on May 4 from our friends at Dirty Needle Records. So smash that play button on the SoundCloud embed below and hear for yourself just how fucking rad these Arizona youngsters truly are, and then snag your preorder on either CD or cassette (which is limited to 100 hand numbered copies) here.

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