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Live Shots: Primitive Man and Spectral Voice at The Earl

I don’t know why we refuse to make things easy for Jeri. She’s been rad enough to split her time between the Vault and her own Nocturnal Euphony International, and how do we repay her? By doing things like sending her to shoot an all-ages hardcore show. Twice. Or making her try to photograph a band that doesn’t use any on-stage lighting whatsoever.

Yeah…we really did that, though I swear we had no idea Spectral Voice prefers to play in the dark. She was, however, able to get some sweet shots of Primitive Man when she caught the two bands on their stop at The Earl in Atlanta on April 4. And hey – at least she didn’t get kicked in the head or leave with any bruises this time. I mean, it’s hard to mosh or stage dive in the pitch black…

Primitive Man

Spectral Voice

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