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Album Stream: Kły – Szczerzenie

So is it just me, or does Poland suddenly have one of the most fascinating national black metal scenes in all of Europe?

I mean, it’s possible that I just haven’t been paying very close attention–there realistically aren’t enough hours in the day to keep track of how many regional scenes there are in Europe at this point, much less know what they all sound like–but I can say that some of the most surprising records that have landed in my inbox recently have been from Polish bands: Jarun, Koniec Pola, Varmia, and now Kły.

Formed back in 1997, the mysterious trio didn’t release their first music until the Taran-Gai demo appeared last year. On the strength of that release, they signed with Pagan Records and once again entered Czyściec Studios with Furia mastermind Nihil to record their debut full-length Szczerzenie, which is one of those albums that’s difficult to describe…

I know that sounds like a cop out, but each of the six tracks on the record are so different that trying to make any kind of broad statement about Kły’s sound is an exercise in futility. However,  a few second with Google Translate reveals the competing impulses inherent in the band’s makeup: Kły is “fangs” in English, and as far as I can tell, Szczerzenie seems to translate as “honestly.” Intimacy and violence – dichotomous yet complementary, and both show up in almost equal amounts on this album. 

In short, whatever you think Szczerzenie is, it isn’t. And whenever you feel like you’re comfortable with the direction the band is heading, they up and change. Kły manage to keep listeners guessing from one track to the next, which seems consistent with the description of their influences in the Szczerzenie promotional materials: “black metal, the mountains, the forest and shamanism.” Their music is almost equal parts Burzum, Lifelover, and The Cure’s Faith, and we couldn’t be more excited to be premiering it today at the Vault.

Szczerzenie will be available on April 20 from Pagan Records. Grab your preorder here, and then check it out in all its variegated glory below.


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Chicago Bull April 19, 2018 at 3:08 pm

“Szczerzenie” has at least two meanings: “honestly” and “grinning”…


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