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An Interview With Infestor of Blodigel

Few genres of metal can be summed up as easily as war metal. The title says it all, really. This is metal of the most violent and chaotic variety. It’s rough, it’s ugly, and it’s unapologetically abrasive. Recently, I was able to catch up with Infestor of Abraham’s Defiled Flock, the man behind Blodigel, one of the genre’s newest practitioners and Witchcult Records signees, to discuss his putrid art. Read on.

IMV: So first of all, I want to ask about the name. From what I was able to find, Blodigel is the Swedish word for leech. Why was this chosen as the name for the band? 

Infestor of Abraham’s Defiled Flock: Blodigel is the Swedish word for my last name, I found the sound of the word to be fitting for this genre.


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