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Album Review: The Necrosexual – GRIM 1

If I were to single out the single most maligned genre of metal, the genre subjected to the most scrutiny, the one looked down upon by the most purists elitists, it wouldn’t be metalcore. It wouldn’t be deathcore. Hell, it wouldn’t even be nu metal. No, what I’m talking about is something far more taboo: the joke band. Even the name itself sounds dismissive. “Joke band.” It seems to imply a lack of seriousness, that the piss is being taken. While in some cases this may be true (Alestorm, Alestorm, Alestorm), but for every band of that nature, there are acts like Evil Scarecrow, The Dread Crew of Oddwood, and Necrogoblikon who are looked down upon because they don’t write songs about Satan and zombies. Hell, there are even some pockets of the internet where GWAR are frowned upon. But I digress…the subject of today’s review, The Necrosexual, understands that comedy requires substance.

Sure, you can write some songs with funny titles, but any old schmuck can do that. Half of comedy is delivery, and in that regard, GRIM 1 is a complete success. Those who went into this album expecting it to be nothing but some guy in corpse paint cracking wise while power chords play atop a drum machine in the background will be pleasantly surprised. From speedy party thrash to cold blackened passages, this album is replete with flashy guitar playing, great riffs, and that classic old school rock n roll attitude. You know it’ll be a good album when there are just as many Steel Panther-isms as there are Darkthrone riffs.

As with any good thrash albums, there’s wicked solos. Check out the mid section of “The Lair Where No Light Reaches”-  that one’s a ripper. Another thing I enjoy about GRIM 1 is the attention to details. For example, one of the things that surprised me most about this album is the strong bass presence. It adds an additional warmth and texture to the music, and its beefy tone certainly adds to the musculature of the album.

Lyrically, this album is what you’d expect. Double entendres, sexual innuendos, and lots of self-referential comedy. The jokes are crude, the punchlines are cheesy, and the comedy is so low-brow you’ll have to pick your eyebrows off the floor. But that’s exactly the point. That’s what makes it so enjoyable, it’s pure dumb fun. The best jokes are the ones you try not to laugh at because of how stupid they are, but you just can’t help it. And that’s what this album is. Calling these jokes “dumb” and “immature” certainly isn’t a knock on the album, it’s one of its most charming features.

I could argue about the merits of comedy metal until I’m blue in the face, but there’s always going to be the crowd who turn their nose up at albums like GRIM 1. These people are a buncha big fuckin nerds. Music should be fun to listen to, and that’s exactly what The Necrosexual represents; all that’s fun in music. Perhaps you’re one of the people who scoff at the notion of metal that makes people laugh. Perhaps your opinion of me has diminished after reading this. That’s okay, it just means there’s more fun for the rest of us.

You can purchase GRIM 1 on The Necrosexual’s Bandcamp page.

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