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Track Premiere: Depravity – “Evil Upheaval”

When it comes down to it, I don’t listen to a ton of death metal – and the stuff I do listen to generally sounds like it was recorded in a crypt. What can I say? I guess lo-fi is just my preferred aesthetic, regardless of genre. I like my metal caked in filth, mold, and sulphuric residue. Production values? The fuck are those?

As the saying goes, however, there are exceptions to every rule. Aussie death metal machine Depravity definitely don’t sound like they came shambling out of a sepulcher and into the daylight for the first time in several months. In fact, Evil Upheaval was recorded and mixed by the same team responsible for Behemoth’s Evangelion and The Satanist, as well as the last several Vader full-lengths. In other words, it has production values.

And you know what? Thirty seconds after I hit play on the album for the first time, I couldn’t feel my fucking face.

Here’s the kicker: Evil Upheaval comes out of the gate raging with the kind of intensity that one would expect from a well-seasoned unit. You know the type of band I’m talking about – the ones that play death metal at such a precise level that you assume they’ve been together for 20+ years? Wrong again. Depravity formed in 2016, and Evil Upheaval is their first full-length, following their 2016 EP Reign of the Depraved. And in the simplest terms possible, this album is a beatdown from start to finish. And no track demonstrates that better than the album’s title track.

“Evil Upheaval,” which we’re stoked as fuck to be premiering here today at the Vault, combines sick riffs, whirlwind drumming, and near-impossibly guttural vocals in a nearly perfect death metal package. And it’s not just the title track: the whole album is a parade of siqq riffs and wall-to-wall brutality. If you’re a fan of death metal, Evil Upheaval is going to remind you of the best of the early 90s, but with its own wrinkle on what came before. To completely misappropriate a line from Timothy Leary: tune in, turn on, and bang your fucking head.

Evil Upheaval will be available on April 30 from Transcending Obscurity Records. Check out the title track below, and once Depravity fucks your face off you can grab the preorder here.

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Dave April 27, 2018 at 7:36 pm

Fuck yes.


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