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Track Premiere: 酸葬儀 acidfuneral – “漂流通してスターレスレルム drifting through a starless realm”

My favorite thing about doing IMV is being able to shine a spotlight on bands that our loyal Vault Hunters might not hear about otherwise. I mean, everybody covers the major releases, anyway – do you really need me telling you that Demon Burger….erm, Dimmu Borgir put out a new album? Of course not. If that’s the sort of thing you care about, then you already know.

I’d much rather tell you about a band like Urbana, Illinois-based 酸葬儀 acidfuneral. We’re premiering “漂流通してスターレスレルム drifting through a starless realm,” the first single from their forthcoming second full-length 葬儀地平線 funeral horizon, here today at the Vault. On it, the mysterious atmospheric/depressive black metal duo take the dreamy sound from their debut 放浪者 wanderer (which just dropped last November) and push it in a more psychedelic direction. The end result of which is a song that scratches a musical itch I didn’t even know I had: basically think one part Ghost Bath, mixed with one part The Atlas Moth.

I know, I know – if you’d told told me that before I hit play on “漂流通してスターレスレルム drifting through a starless realm” for the first time, I’d have been incredibly skeptical as well. But I don’t think it even took 1/4 of the song’s incredibly compact 2:07 run time to make a believer out of me. Give it a listen for yourself below, and then head over to their Bandcamp and check out 放浪者 wanderer as well.

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