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Track Premiere: Goddess of Fate-“The String’s Eclipse”

There is a multitude of vocabulary that could describe just how Spiral Orchard Part 1 drastically alters the sound of what Goddess of Fate has ever been able to produce.  A metamorphosis, a baptism, a re-birth, an evolution, they’re all the same.  Call it what you will, the forthcoming record from Goddess of Fate, due May 31, 2018, is an entirely new breed of what the band has ever achieved sonically.  

The four-piece originally formed as a technical death metal band in Yogyakarta, Indonesia during 2009. Their technical death metal sound was then carried onto their debut 2012 EP, A Reversal of Civilization.  The EP certainly revealed an interest in a  progressive aspects, as well as having a unique sense of creativity due to being derived from various melodic influences. However, it was still very much focused sonically on tech-death.  In fact,  it was nowhere near anything of this caliber. For, six years later, Goddess of Fate have transpired back into a prominent state of ingenuity, shedding their limited tech-death boundaries in favor of a progressive/melodic death metal structure.  That’s not to say that they’ve simply discarded their musical roots, for the technical aspect is still very much incorporated. The shift in sound is more so out of acceptance; an acceptance of the ideological aspirations only dabbled with on the EP.  And with that acceptance comes a truly remarkable concoction, reprogramming what was ever thought to be Death Metal.

The title Part 1 is no misleading jest or play on words, nor is it a mere typo on my end.  Spiral Orchard Part 1 is actually the first piece of an entire saga of records being planned by Goddess of Fate.  It’s quite baffling honestly, because how confident can one be? To not only embrace a sound (that has next to no relation to any prior work, mind you) with such a dense composition, but to add on top of that the promise of continuing this concept without even the slightest bit of knowledge pertaining to its future reception? That’s pretty damn ambitious. The most extraordinary factor of this equation lies within the fact that their certainty is fully warranted, as they manage to illustrate such a profound offering after seemingly disappearing for six years.

The most striking aspect of the record lies within its musical maturity; it feels as if Goddess of Fate measured every ounce of each track to be perfect for what they wanted to achieve.  Dicky Faizal Huda (Vocals), Revanda Verdian (Drums/Percussions), Saka Pramudita (Electric and Acoustic Guitars/Keyboards/Backing Vocals), and Ahmad Okta Perdana (Bass/Sampling/Vocals) share an excellent musical chemistry, stringing together a product of definite mystique.  In fact, it’s quite difficult to verbally describe each track, as there are so many layers to be found within each second of the sonic journey the song takes you on.  This is no different for the track we are premiering here on the Vault, “The String’s Eclipse.”

With “The String’s Eclipse,” Goddess of Fate have unleashed their full musical capabilities in all of their glory, implementing the classical technical death metal traits that they’ve already known to have mastered along with elements not only foreign in musical geography, but in composition.  A brief summary of its intimidating contents would reveal tech/groove transfused death metal riffage, layers upon layers of melody, and a crazed composition to baffle the most seasoned proghead. We’re absolutely ecstatic to be premiering this track here on the Vault, and to give you the first taste what’s to come for Goddess of Fate.

Spiral Orchard Part 1 will be available May 31, 2018 via Bandcamp.  Pre-order it now!  




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