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An Interview with Cist

Cist are a band with some serious promise. Despite only having two EPs and a split out there in the world, they’ve made quite a name for themselves already, garnering fans and label support with their chunky old school death metal. Recently, they’ve had their latest EP, The Frozen Casket reissued by Camo Pants Records on limited cassette tapes. I was lucky enough to get the chance to ask the band a couple of questions about this reissue, what it’s like working with several labels and more!

IMV: Your latest album The Frozen Casket has really been making the rounds. What has the reception been like so far?

Cist: Yeah, all that was all of a sudden really.. The reception, as you can see, is mostly positive – it’s like people have been waiting for such a band and didn’t expect it coming from Russia, haha! Of course there are some critics as well – some say this death metal is derivative and close to plagiarism. But the point is – we do it as we know it should be and no wonder the way it should be sounds like the classics. Anyway, tell me what really is 100% original these days?

IMV: The album has recently gotten a cassette repress from Camo Pants Records. What’s it been like working with them as a label? They seem pretty invested in the project.

Cist: The original issue of The Frozen Casket was Russian – released by Metal Race Records. The decision to make a cassette reissue was quite spontaneous – the option was offered by Camo Pants themselves and we didn’t regret it. We got huge promotion abroad and led ourselves to an American reissue by Redefining Darkness Records. We owe you, Oliver!

IMV: There are a lot of Death-isms on The Frozen Casket. Aside from Death, who would you say your biggest songwriting influences are?

Cist: Tons of old school death metal: Pestilence, Morgoth, Obituary, Devastation. You aren’t really musing about it while making a song – it’s all in your subconscious!

IMV: Where do you guys foresee the band going in the future? What the next level for Cist?

Cist: Eventually putting out a full-length. And then going worldwide!

IMV: Any tour plans in the pipeline?

Cist: Unfortunately, it’s not easy for us to pull off a high-grade tour financially, but this summer we’re going to Nukstock Open Air and it’ll be a great opportunity for us to perform on a European stage for the first time.

IMV: What are some recent releases that you guys have been jamming?

Cist: We’re mostly into the oldschool stuff, mostly the above mentioned bands, though we don’t limit ourselves only with metal, we listen to other subgenres of rock, Vitaly likes oldschool hard rock and plays in a band called Crumbling Down, recently they released their first EP.

IMV: Thanks for your time. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Cist: Thanks for the interview and good day to everyone who reads it. Keep it metal!

You buy your own copies of The Frozen Casket from our good friends at Camo Pants Records and Metal Swarm.

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