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Single Review: Immortal – “Northern Chaos Gods”

Norwegian black metal legends Immortal have released their first new song since 2009’s All Shall Fall and have detailed their new album, Northern Chaos Gods, due out July 6th on Nuclear Blast Records.  This is the band’s first new material since their seminal frontman Abbath left, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who was concerned for how the band might sound without the “Elvis of Black Metal” behind the mic.  Lay your fears to rest.  If the title track they released today speaks to the entirety of the album, we’re in good hands.

Immortal has broken down to a two-piece now, with Horgh returning on drums and Demonaz on guitars and vocals (Peter Tagtgren is credited as session bass).  The duo still bring the blistering ice, though.  “Northern Chaos Gods” is speedy and unrelenting through it’s entire 4 and a half minute runtime.  The riffs are as big and evil as ever, the vocal patterns are punchy, and the entire song just has a classic Immortal feel to it.  It’s safe to assume that Immortal without Abbath is still very much Immortal.  Just check out the track list on the pre-orders.  Song titles such as “Gates to Blashyrkh” and “Mighty Ravendark” assure us that this new album will still be pulling from the old Immortal lore, while titles like “Into Battle Ride” and “Called to Ice” prove the band’s iconic aesthetic isn’t going anywhere.  Have a listen below and tell us what you think.

Northern Chaos Gods will be released on vinyl and CD July 6th by Nuclear Blast Records, and pre-orders are now available through Nuclear Blast Records.

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