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Track + Lyric Video Premiere: UADA – “Snakes & Vultures”

Fact: UADA‘s Cult of a Dying Sun is one of the fiercest black metal albums you’re going to hear in 2018.

The PDX-based foursome–whose name means ‘haunted’ in Latin–proved themselves a force to be reckoned with right out of the gate with their 2016 debut Devoid of Light. Raw yet still hauntingly melodic, it propelled the band towards appearances on multiple festival stages–including Northwestern Black Circle Fest and the 2017 edition of Red River Family Fest–where their sets were consistently named as highlights.

Cult of a Dying Sun drops on May 25 via Eisenwald (preorder here), and while it continues in a similar vein as Devoid of Light, it’s a much leaner, meaner sounding album overall. Even though they hail from Portland, Cult of a Dying Sun has much more of a Brooklyn/NYC kind of feel about it. In other words, it’s all about the riffs, not the atmospherics – and those riffs have some serious fucking teeth.

Consider, for example, “Snakes & Vultures,” the second pre-release track from Cult of a Dying Sun. Believe it or not, it’s actually one of the mellower tracks on the album (spoiler: it’s not even remotely mellow), with some of the riffs having an almost post-punk vibe. For the most part, though–and our loyal Vault Hunters will know what a compliment this is, since I’ve mentioned multiple times what a total Chris Grigg fanboy I am–this song, along with most of the album, really reminds me of Woe’s brand of aggressive melodicism. This is black metal that lures the listener in without seeming very happy about it. And once it lures you in, it’s going to do the maximum amount of damage in the shortest span possible before pulling back and starting the cycle over again.

But you likely didn’t click on this link to read me wax (semi)poetic about UADA. You came here to get your face fucked off by one of USBM’s truly elite bands. So without any further ado, hit play on the lyric video below and experience the feral majesty of the track for yourself.

Oh…and one more thing: SNAKES AND FUCKING VULTURES.

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