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Track Premiere + Lyric Video: YYLVA – “Aurorae”

Photo credit: Garett Mensching

It’s been roughly two months since we last heard from Clare Webster, the UK-based Celtic harpist/multi-instrumentalist behind one-woman black metal outfit YYLVA. She had just released the video for her first single “A Sidhe in Throes,” and I had the chance to chat with both Webster and the video’s director Kathryn Gee about the clip (you can refresh your memory in regards to both the amazing song/video an our conversation here).

Photo credit: Garett Mensching

Today YYLVA returns with a new single called “Aurorae” and an accompanying official lyric video, which we’re dead chuffed to be premiering here today at the Vault. The second preview track from her upcoming debut album The Wood Beyond the World (due out later this year), “Aurorae” is another absolute gem. It deftly intertwines harp, keyboard, and guitar lines in some stunning melodic interplay, but it doesn’t skimp on the heaviness when it’s called for, either.

The lyric video is just as stunning. Created by Webster, it features the breathtaking photography of up and coming northern Illinois-based photographer Garett Mensching. His images honestly couldn’t be any more perfectly matched to YYLVA’s music if Webster had commissioned each shot individually. The video may be a daunting 11+ minutes in length, but it’s well worth setting aside the time to watch it – several times.

Webster offered these thoughts about the track:

“Aurorae” simply has one message: to look beyond. I have been in a quandary for sometime about how to best communicate everything that is within me and the entirety of what this specific song stands for. Everyday we live in the mundane and forget about the arcane; we feel like we lose all sense of purpose and time simply trickles through our fingers to no end. It’s so easy to get distracted by our own internal struggles that we forget to look at everything around us. How many sunrises have you sat and watched intently over the past year? How many times have you stopped to listen to the bird song since the seasons changed, understanding it to be more than just the ambience in your daily dirge? I can hazard a guess: too few. There is a feeling of awe; a sense of wonderment that far surpasses anything else when immersing yourself in the natural world: when you truly let go.

“Aurorae” is available for download from YYLVA’s Bandcamp page. And if you haven’t yet, download “A Sidhe in Throes” while you’re there.

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