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Track Premiere: Sadistik Forest – The Hour of Dread

By way of intro here, I’d like to present a pair of observations:

First of all, when it comes to death metal, Finland = filth. Now I’m not saying that Finnish bands have a monopoly on crusty guitar tones and sepulchral atmosphere. Per capita, though, they have more death metal bands that make me feel like I need a shower after listening to them than any other nation on Earth.

Secondly, a riff doesn’t have to be complex to be effective. Sure, I dig Pat O’Brien’s tendonitis-inducing riff on Cannibal Corpse’s “Frantic Disembowelment” as much as the next metalhead, but there’s something to be said for the comparative simplicity of a more straightforward riff that hits like a well-aimed shovel blow to the face. Think the verse riff from Down’s “Bury Me in Smoke,” or a lot of what Jerry Cantrell does with Alice in Chains – the main riff for “Check My Brain” is basically him bending a single note. Not all that complex, but crazy effective.

I mention both of these things because Morbid Majesties, the forthcoming third full-length from Sadistik Forest, is an absolute filth-crusted bruiser of an album. I’m not going to talk too much about the album as a whole, because our dude Tristan has been hard at work on a full review of it that we’ll be running in the coming days, and I don’t want to steal any of his thunder. After all, as our loyal Vault Hunters already know, the kid can definitely write.

Instead, let’s talk about “The Hour of Dread,” which we have the pleasure of premiering here today at the Vault. The main riff? Straightforwardly bludgeoning. A total fucking neck-wrecker. Hit the pit during this one at your own peril. The guitar tone? Disgusting. Thoroughly encrusted with filth. Hope your tetanus shot is up to date. Markus Makkonen’s (ex-Hooded Menace) vocals? He relies more on his upper register on this track, but his impossibly subterranean growl can still be heard on the chorus, making for an effective contrast in styles.

The overall verdict? “The Hour of Dread,” much like the rest of Morbid Majesties, is sick as fuck. If you like death metal and somehow don’t like this song…well, then I seriously question whether you actually like death metal. Hit play and crank this shit as loud as you can. Then once you’ve picked yourself back up off the floor, head on over to Transcending Obscurity and snag a preorder – Morbid Majesties drops tomorrow (5/25), and that autographed, metallic green-embossed box set looks hella sweet.

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