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Track Premiere: Medieval Demon – “Ancient Evil in the Woods”

As our loyal Vault Hunters will no doubt remember, it was just last week that I suggested that 2018 could well end up being ‘The Year of the Comeback,’ with bands like Rites of Thy Degringolade, Grayceon, and Ritual Necromancy releasing their first new music in years. I’ve got another name to add to that list: Medieval Demon. These Greek black metal necromancers released their (oc)cult classic debut album Demonolatria in 1998, and then then they disappeared. Twenty years later, brothers Lord Apollyon and Sirokous are rejoined by  Necrochrist, who handled bass and guitar duties on the band’s first two releases back in ’94, and newcomer Damien Omen for their long-awaited follow up, Medieval Necromancy. And let me tell you, they’re picking up right where they left off two decades ago.

Since Medieval Demon isn’t fucking around on Medieval Necromancy, I’m not going to fuck around on this intro, either. This album is old-school Greek kvltness at its best – what Lord Apollyon calls “Necromantic Spiritual Black Metal from the Abyss.” Pummeling riffs, sickening vocals, arcane atmospheres, that sense of drama that makes Greek black metal so instantly recognizable, they’re all present and then some in Medieval Necromancy’s paeans to the greater glory of Satan and invectives against the bastard Christ.

I’d advise against asking us exactly how, but we managed to summon an exclusive premiere of the song “Ancient Evil in the Woods” here today at the Vault. Those old black magicks are strong on this one, with its eldritch melodies and spectral-sounding keyboards. Be very careful where you listen to it, though – there’s no way of knowing what lurks out there in the darkness, and it would be a shame if any of you inadvertently conjured up something unspeakable and ended up like Regan MacNeil.

Medieval Necromancy will be available on June 22 from Hell’s Headbangers. Grab your preorder here, and then check out “Ancient Evil in the Woods” below.

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