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Track Premiere: Mutilate – “All Life Ends”

I’m not a gambling man, but I’d be willing to wager that most of our loyal Vault Hunters would believe me if I said that Mutilate was a recently discovered South American proto-death metal band from the early 80s. Their music really does sound that primitive — riffs, vocals, production, all of it. Caveman necro shit all the way. Except that it’s not…

Surprisingly enough, Mutilate actually formed in Ithaca, NY in 2017, the same year they released their well-received demo Fortress of Suffering. Their first full-length Tormentium is due out later this month from Iron Bonehead, but they already have another release lined up for shortly thereafter: a three song EP called All Life Ends, the title track from which we’re streaming here today at the Vault.

As you may have guessed from that opening paragraph, there’s nothing fancy about “All Life Ends.” There’s nothing subtle about it, either – it’s a good, old-fashioned mid-tempo battering. The kind of death metal that has a bad attitude encoded in its DNA. It should also be listened to at the highest volume possible, because it kicks all kinds of ass.

All Life Ends will be available on August 3 from our friends at Camo Pants Records, with US pre-orders being handled by Metal Swarm. Check out the old-school goodness of the EP’s title track below, and then go get you one. As an added bonus, if you order the limited colour tape + patch bundle from Camo Pants between now and midnight Sunday, enter the code ALLLIFEENDS to get 20% off!

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