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Track Premiere: Dryad – “Hellbender”

At IMV, we always relish the chance to work with and support cool people. That’s why we’re very excited to premiere the song “Hellbender” off of Dryad’s upcoming EP The Silurian Age, being put out this Thursday by my good friends at Metal Swarm. If you’re unfamiliar with Dryad, I’ll give you the rundown. There’s a little bit of black, a little bit of death, a touch of hardcore and a heaping helping of crust-flavored crossover. Top it all of with an absolutely disgusting dual vocal performance by guitarists/vocalists Claire and Cal, and you’ve got yourself a platter of top-shelf extreme metal with all the fixins’.

While their self-titled debut cassette (available here) was good, The Silurian Age is a stone-cold killer. It’ll force feed you riffs until you can’t take anymore, and then it’ll throw ten more at you. “Hellbenders” is pretty representative of the album as a whole: it’s got slimy buzzsaw riffs, some great blackened shrieks, and all kindsa pissed off crust punk attitude. Stream the track below, and leave yourself moshing room, cause this shit’s gonna make you wanna flip a table and punch a hole in the drywall. If you like what you hear (and you fucking will), you can preorder the new album from the good people at Metal Swarm here.

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