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Track Premiere: Spaceslug – “Words Like Stones”

If you’re a fan of post metal, stoner rock, and whatever other derivative doom genres that cool kids are coming up with these days, then you won’t want to shy away from checking out the gnarly astral sludge unit from Poland called Spaceslug.

Spaceslug has dropped out of the multiverse with some of the finest raw music to open up the cosmic rifts. Their delicate blend of blues, fuzz, and pop like gaze with crushing waves of riffs has left me floored. The new album Eye The Tide is growing on me day by day as a promising requiem to uplift hours otherwise spent in entropy.

The group has honed a mastery of monstrous psychedelic tides with uplifting vibes. Elevating out from the cosmic mist is today’s Vault premiere “Words Like Stones,” a track that features all of Spaceslug’s strengths in eight and a half minutes.

The song begins with an alluring smooth atmospheric riff that unexpectedly transforms into a heavy Crowbar-esque chorus with dueling vocals. The use of Bartosz as primary vocalist on “Words Like Stones.” a first for the band, adds some great contrast over the deeper melodic styles of Kamil and Jan. His screeching, guttural delivery reflects the powerful manic outbursts one might expect on a black metal track.

Competing moods all throughout “Words Like Stones” help add to the tension and toy with the senses. Spaceslug give the listener just enough time to delve into crevices of introspection before the music shifts and the walls come down. You’ll find yourself caught in the hypnotic, lethargic pacing only to be carried away by a outpouring of tremolo riffs.

According to the band, “‘Words Like Stones’ is a journey within the mind to clarify and cleanse the soul – During the darkest path, both lyrical and musical, it shows the effort that restless beings must take to face their own destinations.” It certainly sounds that way. If you are into deep meditative space rock and experimental stoner jams, then chance this one out and take a ride with Spaceslug.

Eye the Tide will be available on July 20. Grab a preorder here, and then check out “Words Like Stones” below.

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