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Live Shots: Cannabis Corpse at 529 Atlanta

It’s been a little while since we’ve heard from our Atlanta-based photographer Jeri Mize (also of Nocturnal Euphony International). Given our bad habit of sending her to all-ages hardcore shows, some of our loyal Vault Hunters may have been afraid that she’d met some gruesome fate at the hands (or feet) of one of those ninja mosh kids…

But fear not! All is still well with our favorite heavily tattooed Southern non-belle. She just got kind of…carried away by the haze of the Cannabis Corpse show we sent her to shoot a few weeks back at 529 in Atlanta. If you’ve never seen those Cannabis boys in concert, then you’re missing out on one of the most entertaining live bands in all of metal. Musically, they’re just as brutal in person as they are on record, The difference, though, is that the band’s very weedy sense of humor comes through much more at one of their gigs. Honestly, Landphil’s high af between song banter is damn near worth the ticket price alone. And then there’s the dude in the nug suit…

Disclaimer: Indy Metal Vault is not responsible for any contact high you may experience from viewing the pics below. 


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