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Track Premiere: Délirant – “III”

By now, I’m guessing most of our readers are aware that Fallen Empire Records has decided to close up shop once they’ve fulfilled their current slate of releases for 2018. This is an absolute pisser for two reasons. First, Fallen Empire has one of the most impeccably curated catalogues of releases in all of metal, including albums from the likes of Arkhtinn, Death Fortress, Mare Cognitum, Misþyrming, Naðra, LVTHN, and Tchornobog, just to name a few. Second, they’re also the parent label for Mystískaos, the Icelandic-American sub-label/recording collective founded by AP of Chaos Moon/Skaphé and Wormlust’s HV.

For anyone who may have been worried about the future of Mystískaos in light of Fallen Empire’s recent announcement, here’s something that should help put your mind at rest: AP and HV just signed their first artist from outside the collective, and we have the honor of premiering the first track from that album here today at IMV.

Not much is known about Délirant. In fact, not even Mystískaos has been able to get much information out of DB, the lone individual behind the band, aside from the fact that he’s from Spain and that he recorded the music on his self-titled debut in April of this year. Musically, though, Délirant could not possibly be a more perfect fit for the label’s aesthetic.With a sound that falls somewhere between what HV does with Ljáin and the more melodic end of the neighboring Portuguese black metal spectrum–think an Aldebaran Circle band like Trono Além Morte, but with slightly cleaner production–it should be immediately obvious after hitting play on “III” below why they chose Délirant as their first outside release. The eldritch introductory section, the vertiginous riff underneath the verses, the unexpected mid-song section that I won’t ruin, the painful-sounding howls during the track’s second half – all told, “III” is nine minutes of the most immediate, not to mention immediately engaging, black metal I’ve heard in a while. And spoiler alert: the other three tracks that make up the rest of the album are just as fucking good. You won’t be able to hear them, though, until Mystískaos releases Délirant on cassette some time in the first half of August. Until then, though, you can listen to “III” exclusively here at the Vault.

AP also gave us the following statement about the label’s plans in the wake of the news about Fallen Empire Records, as well as an update on Mystískaos’s planed slate of releases for the rest of 2018:

Mystískaos will experience some changes from 2019 going forward–some known, some unknown–with the end of Fallen Empire as our distributor/parent label. But our level of activity will be maintained. None of our previously disclosed release plans will change in regards to expanding into the vinyl format along with our cassette releases, or our scheduling.

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