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Track Premiere: Draghkar – “Eternal Disintegration (Of The Body And The Mind)”

A few years back when the whole old-school death metal ‘revival’ first really started becoming a thing, I’ll admit that I was right there losing my shit along with everyone else. Full disclosure: I’ve never been the biggest death metal fan. It’s the production – modern death metal is just too fucking slick, especially those triggered-within-an-inch-of-their-lives drum tones. So when that filthy, cavernous sound started making a comeback, I was all about it. I mean, I’m basically a kvlt black metal guy – our loyal Vault Hunters likely won’t find this to be much of a surprise.

That being said, that OSDM crypt has gotten a bit full lately. It was bound to happen. Look at how many bands there are out there who are clearly under the impression that HM-2 pedals are more important than actual riffs when when going for that classic Swedeath/Entombed sound. Of course there was going to be a run on reverb pedals down at the Guitar Center when OSDM started to gain a bit of traction – fuck, throw enough reverb on a guitar part and no one will be able to tell if you’re playing an actual riff or just whacking the strings with your dick. As such, it’s getting more and more difficult to find the good OSDM out there among all the bad.

It’s possible that my appreciation for the Wheel of Time series makes me a biased, but here’s one thing I can tell you for sure: California-based trio Draghkar is definitely one of the good ones. Their secret? They don’t forget to bring the riffs – a veritable smorgasbord of sinister, subterranean, sick as fuck riffs. Their forthcoming EP The Endless Howling Abyss is easily the strongest collection of riffs in their brief discography. It’s also their most generous offering thus far as well, clocking in at a twenty gloriously neck-wrecking minutes. And I’m not the only one here at the Vault who feels this way. Our dude Nigel said much the same thing in a recent installment of his Short Sharp Shock column, commenting “Draghkar continue to develop and progress their sound, and this latest release sees them on top form. Meaty, macabre death metal, steeped in raw filth and apocalyptic horror.”

But enough with the foreplay – let’s get to the track. We’re thrilled to be premiering “Eternal Disintegration (Of The Body And The Mind),” the third and strongest track on The Endless Howling Abyss. What makes it work so well? The sheer variety, both in terms of the riffs and the near-inhuman performance of drummer ES on the track – there are stretches in the song where it feels like the tempo shifts every eight bars, and he handles them so deftly that I’d be shocked if he even broke a sweat when they were recording it. It’s that fucking good, and you can stream it right now – exclusively at the Vault.

The Endless Howling Abyss will be available on July 27 on CD from Craneo Negro Records (500 copies) and on tape from Nameless Grave Records (75 copies). Both can be preordered from Draghkar’s Bandcamp page. Check out “Eternal Disintegration (Of The Body And The Mind)” below, and then go get yourself one.

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