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Track Premiere: Kielkropf – “Lost”

Imported from Eisenstadt, Austria, Kielkropf’s sophomore effort was picked up by English label Sludgelord Records. Ignorance is Bliss has benefited from much more professional production that allows Fink’s fat, noxious guitar tones to stomp through doom and stoner metal riffs imposingly with Chri’s bass jangling an accompaniment that is sloppy only in tone quality.

The songwriting on Ignorance is Bliss feels more determined and cohesive than their previous outing. Jerry bellows proclamations that are less strewn with hopeless frustration and confusion, opting instead for powerful resolve while retaining the defeated and morose outlook that is so prevalent in doom.

The vocals tend to drag the songs down into the grime, belted out hoarsely from the back of Jerry’s throat. He doesn’t display a broad range, but his delivery drips with attitude. On drums, Schmidi offsets the vocalist’s tendency to drag, restoring the balance behind the instrumental bridges, leading the transitions with deft fills, and placing breaks like bricks into Kielkropf’s wall of sound.

I’m pleased to introduce the second track off this more confident four-track EP: “Lost.” Give it a listen if you like your blues dredged up from the sewers and served up raw.

Ignorance is Bliss will be available July 6th from Sludgelord Records; preview the opening track and pre-order the digital album through Bandcamp.


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