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Track Premiere: Burial Invocation – “Visions of the Hereafter”

So how fucking sick is Abiogenesis, the long awaited debut album from Turkish death metal horde Burial Invocation?

And I do mean long-awaited: their EP Rituals of the Grotesque, which was one of the first handful of releases from a fledgling label called Dark Descent Records, came out way back in 2010. The following year saw the release of Decomposing Serenades, a split 7″ Japanese death/doom outfit Anatomia, and then…nothing. In fact, they even split up for a couple of years.

But the wait is almost over.

On July 6, the definitely no longer fledgling Dark Descent will unleash Abiogenesis upon the world (preorder CD, LP, or digital), and let me tell you – y’all fuckers are not ready for this snarling beast of a record. It’ five tracks, 42-minutes, and damn near every single one of those minutes–brief acoustic closer “Tenebrous Horizons” notwithstanding–fucking crush. We have the distinct pleasure of sharing eight of those minutes with our loyal Vault Hunters today with our exclusive premiere of “Visions of the Hereafter.” If you’re a death metal fan and somehow don’t have a shit-eating grin on your face at some point within the opening 30-seconds of this song, then I strongly advise checking your pulse. Wicked tremolo-picked riff, completely unpredictable drums – and that’s just the warm-up? That heavier-than-a-whale-scrote passage coming out of the first vocal section? That brief clean guitar passage near the end that makes you think they’re going to pull a vintage Opeth before they launch into dueling guitar solos a la old-school Slayer? Fuuuuuck, man…

You’ve waited long enough – crank your earbuds or your computer’s speakers as loud as they’ll go and let “Visions of the Hereafter” brutalize you from pillar to post. Neck brace not included, so be careful when you invariably start windmill-banging inside your cubicle.

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