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Track Premiere: Invocation Spells – “Torment of Obsessor”

Some bands write music with the intentions of making sweet love to your eardrums.

Chilean duo Invocation Spells is not one of those bands. They’d much rather sodomize your auditory canals with their particularly nasty brand of blackened thrash. And they don’t bother with lubricant. But what do you expect from a band with members who call themselves Witchfucker and Obssessor? Nature-worshipping Neofolk? Not fucking likely…

The band’s fourth full-length Spread Cruelty in the Abyss is due out via Hell’s Headbangers on July 27 (preorder here), and it’s another bestial and blasphemous platter of blistering riffs and blazing tempos, and we have the pleasure of premiering a track from it today here at the Vault. On an album that’s a veritable orgy of riiffy delights, “Torment of Obsessor” is easily the highlight – I don’t know that I’ve ever heard something so evil also have as much swagger as they do in the opening section of the song. And when that speed metal riff kicks in? That’s when Invocation Spells prove beyond any doubt that they are the Wolverine of blackened thrash: they’re they best they are at what they do, and what they do sure as shit isn’t very nice. And I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Oh…and #sorrynotsorry about what  “Torment of Obsessor” is going to do to your earholes the instant you hit play. Can’t say you weren’t warned, though…

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