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Track Premiere: Sathanas – “Raise the Flag of Hell”

Sathanas weren’t the first band to play blackened thrash. Sarcófago’s classic I.N.R.I. came out the year before Sathanas formed, and depending on how liberally you want to define the genre, Venom’s first few albums came out well before that. Were the Pennsylvania-based band the first black/thrash band in the US? That’s a little more likely. Here’s what’s not debatable: there isn’t anyone on the planet who’s been doing it longer or more consistently than guitarist/vocalist Paul Tucker, who formed the band in 1988, and bassist/vocalist Bill Davidson, who joined him in 1992. They released their first full-length Black Earth in ’96, and haven’t looked back since.

Now, 20+ years, eight more full lengths, and more EPs/splits/other releases than I care to count later, Sathanas is gearing up to release album number ten. Necrohymns will be out on July 10 via Transcending Obscurity Records (preorder here), and it’s yet another absolute fucking ripper in a career filled with nothing but. Alongside drummer James Strauss, who’s ‘only’ been playing with Sathanas since 2005, the trio blast through eight tracks of Satanitastic riffs, hellfire vocals, and enough blasphemous intent to make the entire Mormon population of Utah start vomiting pea soup a la Regan MacNeil.

We have the pleasure of premiering one of those eight infernal Necrohymns here today at the Vault. With a title like “Raise the Flag of Hell,” I’m not sure how much else needs to be said. You know what you hope this song sounds like? Good news: that’s exactly what it sounds like. So hit play, and make sure the volume’s up loudly enough to scare the shit out of your neighbors at work.

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