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Album Review: Manic Outburst – Violent Agitation

After puckering assholes with their 2014 self-titled debut, Detroit reprobates Manic Outburst return with offering number two, Violent Agitation.

Opener “Power Struggle” wastes no time getting started. 45 seconds in we have a nice summation as to what Manic Outburst has to offer. Vocalist Mike Twigg strikes a happy medium between Joel Grind and Tomas Lindberg; drummer William Twigg and bassist Gene Hildebrandt prove to be a tight rhythm unit; and guitarist Eric Partin shows off his ambidexterity on lead and in rhythm. The catchy chorus, memorable riffs, and short but sweet guitar solos gives listeners an effective introductory song and a serious contender for 2018’s best metal tracks. With its poignant lyrics and cadence resembling Toxic Holocaust’s Chemistry of Consciousness, “Speed Is Your Master” demands that you put on your big person britches. The reality-based dread permeating the song’s nature squeezes prescient menace from its riffs.

By the time the title track rolls around you may find yourself wanting to catch your breath, but “Violent Agitation” proves interesting enough to keep your attention. “Self-Destruct” gives the album a second gust of wind and treats listeners to another onslaught of brilliant solos. Full disclosure: I’m no a musician. Nonetheless, I strongly believe all of you shredders out there will find a new guitar hero in Eric Partin. The one-two punch of “Bottom Feeding Scum” and “Weapons of Mass Prescription” gives more casual listeners another introductory song in the former while Mike Twigg’s high pitched shrieks in the latter song adds a layer of urgency to the aforementioned reality-based dread. Once again, you may want to find yourself wanting to catch your breath, “Project Annihilation” won’t let you. Twigg’s shrieks reappear on “Beer On The Mosh Floor” ending things on a relatively jubilant note, a fun way to decompress from a rather unrelenting album.

Standout Tracks
“Power Struggle”
“Speed Is Your Master”
“Bottom Feeding Scum”
“Weapons of Mass Prescription

Physical copies are expected to be available soon through Manic Outburst’s Bandcamp page. In the meantime, you can enjoy the band’s official Youtube stream of the album.

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