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Album Review: Skullcrush – Visions of the Firestorm Eclipse

Pssst. Hey. You wanna feel like you’re in the know? C’mere real quick, I got something to show you. It’s this really cool record label called Camo Pants Records. They’re about as new as they get, with only a handful of releases all from this year. Ironically or by intent, all of the albums they’ve released have black and white album art. Sick, right? Wanna know something else? That’s damn fitting.


Every release from Camo Pants Records has been some real “get in, fuck shit up, get out” shit. No unnecessary frills and no-holds-barred is the name of the game here, and this latest release from Skullcrush may be the black and whitest of them all. I feel like I really don’t even need to say anything more than “press play on this sumbitch,” but we get paid by the word here at the Vault, and I need to buy a quality neck brace.

Seriously, try not to headbang to the opening riff on “Spectacle of Suffering”, I fucking dare you. This opening track alone has enough weight to sink Florida (but please don’t, some of my favorite bands are from there). Visions of the Firestorm Eclipse is utterly riddled with these kinds of quality riffs, ranging from speedy shredders to lumbering ground-and-pounds.

While this record is only 4 tracks long, you get your money’s worth. “Mists of Blood” navigates its way through several tempos while “Entrails Ablaze”, the shortest track, is nothing but a whiplashing lift-off of galloping riffage. “Hellwater” delivers the coup de gras with a track so slow and heavy, it teeters on the brink of doom metal. Each song is shrink-wrapped with the dirtiest of dirty guitar tones and a guttural vocal performance that I’m pretty sure just measured 8.6 on the Richter scale right outside LA.

Fuckin’ Skullcrush. I’ve said all I need to say. Press play on this sumbitch.

Visions of the Firestorm Eclipse was released July 6th on cassette by Camo Pants Records and is available digitally through the band’s Bandcamp page.


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