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Slammey Stanley’s Splattered Platters – June 2018

It’s that time of the month!  Except this time, it really is!  Perhaps it’s a little bit late, but progress is progress, right?  I wanted to start focusing more upon the namesake of the column: slamming brutal death metal and all other genres in that field of association. Therefore, I’m considering carving a bit more out of the column, as I wanted to fully bring to light the real troopers of brutality rather than that of the mainstream. For example, May’s edition featured the latest At The Gates record. Thing is, everybody knows about the latest At The Gates record, and everybody knows that it is of a fantastic quality. Again, we’re gonna start carvin’ out the filler and stuffing this column with some pure unmitigated slammin’ brutality!  “The Undead Will Feast” as they say, so eat up.

Main Course:  

Posthuman Abomination

Album: Transcending Embodiment

Released June 8th, 2018 via Comatose Music

Genre: Brutal Death Metal

Location: Italy      

Posthuman Abomination are most certainly a band you should check out.  Their conceptual influences are along the likes of “Shirow Masamune, William Gibson, Philip K. Dick, H.R. Giger, Katherine Hayles, John Johnston, Donna Haraway…” and musically “Suffocation, Deeds of Flesh, Disavowed.”  Science fiction has been blowing up lately as both a conceptual and musical element of death metal, and just like any other conceptual based element, it takes a lot to actually pull it off.  Transcending Embodiment certainly hits a bullseye, for the most part.  The composition does seem to fit along the lines of the sci-fi concept, however, it’s not as abstract or creative as something like Artificial Brain or even Rings of Saturn for that matter.  That’s not to say that the sci-fi element is a blatant lie, however. Tracks such as “Apocatastasis” and “Planned Obsolescence” have pack some insane sci-fi riffage, the latter of which incorporates a movie sample to par.  See, that’s what Transcending Embodiment boils down to.  A horror/sci-fi journey packed with blasts, riffs, dissonance, gutturals, and some more fuckin’ riffs.  Really great riffs at that.

Final Grade: B


Begat the Nephilim

Album: Begat the Nephilim I: The Surreptitious Prophecy / Mother of the Blasphemy

Released June 15th via Unholy Anarchy records

Genre: Blackened Melodic Death Metal

Location: Dover, New Hampshire

Begat the Nephilim caught my eye after I was informed via their promo material that they “have shared the stage with giants such as Suffocation, Dying Fetus, The Red Chord, Job for a Cowboy, [and the] Dillinger Escape Plan.”  In addition to that glorious bit of info, we’ve got their genre labeled as Blackened Melo-Death, what’s not to like here? Albeit, the majority of the record is melo-death with the occasional blackened instrumental seasoning in an intro or scattered in a bridge somewhere in the song.  Perhaps the vocals shine a bit more on the black metal spectrum than that of melo-death, but they are still very much death metal influenced, or at least to my ear. That being said, the melo-death element is very well polished and brilliant. It’s nice to hear a release after four years of anticipation for sure, especially with no prior officially recorded material.  Occasionally, Begat add various elements of brutality along with the standard melo-death formula, stuff that’d give even the melo-death legends TBDM a run for their money. There’s still a noticeable amount to polish off, however, as a some elements can drag on, this mainly being due to the conceptual format of the record. The instrumental intros felt unnecessary, yet aside from that, the greatness of the record really shines through.  

Final Grade: B+       


Ages Of Atrophy

EP: The Great Ascendancy Fraud

Released June 18, 2018 via Inherited Suffering Records

Genre: Deathcore / Death Metal

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

Israel has never ceased to bring out some extra brutal slabs of musical material.  The country happens to have a seemingly perfect track record for extreme music, and I’m happy to say that Ages of Atrophy makes a nice addition to said track record.  Another statistic worth mentioning is their blend of deathcore and death metal. The two genres have been seemingly fully fledged out, evolving into their own species so to speak.  Attempting to mix them may seem like a disaster on paper, but damn, Ages of Atrophy have done it. Very well. Perhaps it’s not a direct “blend” as much as it is a very well executed transition between the two trademark styles within each segment of a song, but again, it’s very well executed.  From tinges of the standard breakdown spiel, to the occasional melo-death inspired riff, to the tinge of Mitch Lucker format of gutturals, The Great Ascendancy Fraud is a total buffet of extreme metal inspired greatness.  

Final Grade: A


Propitious Vegetation

Album: Induced Spoliation Of Disseminated Euphoric Cultivation

Released June 22, 2018 via Bandcamp

Genre: Slamming Brutal Deathgrind

Location: Unionville, Tennessee

For a long while, it appeared that pig squeals were the most brutal, visceral, and overall disgusting guttural format any extreme vocalist could spew.  However, as of late, a new challenger has approached as they say. Said challenger being, of course, frog croaks. And what’s more brutal than a single layering of frog inspired gutturals.  Layers upon layers of frog croaking gutturals! Propitious Vegetation has gifted us a surplus of em’, which is truly a compliment to the slam community. The instrumentals are of a superb quality as well, especially when taking into consideration that Propitious Vegetation is a solo act, being run by the great Zack Plunkett.  The conceptual contents seem to be of a very Cattle Decapitation inspired nature, including that of veganism, health, and animal rights, at least according to their Facebook page. Let’s be honest: you aren’t going to understand the gutturals, man. If the overall brutality of the EP isn’t enough to buy the album, all purchases made on their Bandcamp will be donated to a charity organization entitled “Special Kids,” which supports children with disabilities.  There you go, all the more a reason to buy a badass shirt and a killer record.

Final Grade: B-

Side Dishes:


Album: Sewerborn

Released June 1st, 2018 via Unique Leader Records

Genre: Death Metal

Location: Kansas City, Missouri

 Behind all the shit, there’s some really great death metal here.  Thing is, this album is all shit. The intro track is entitled “Lord of Shit,” where the gutturals repeat a brutal “shit” line throughout.  Besides this concept, however, this is a fantastic death metal record. It contains a heaping load (fuck, that’s a terrible unintentional pun) of technical brutality, and doesn’t hold back in the slightest (again, I’m so sorry).   

Final Grade: A-



EP: Incantations

Released May 18, 2018 via Bandcamp

Genre: Deathcore

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

I know man, Incantations isn’t a June release.  That’s very much true. Nonetheless, this EP was produced at the legendary Kirkbride Recordings studio, which is already a pretty major indication of its quality.  And what do you know, it’s as killer musically as it is production wise. This stuff’s verified for quality from the studio, naturally, yet it goes beyond that border; rather than simply pertain to being a deathcore EP, it’s a good deathcore EP.  The EP contains layers upon layers of intricate material, the kind that usually end up damaging a band’s songwriting, yet they handle them with true experience. In terms of stereotypes, it’s got em’ for sure, yet not to the typical overbearing extent, luckily.

Final Grade: B


Timeless Wounds

EP: Grim Dimensions Of Rot (Part I)

Released June 25, 2018 via Bandcamp

Genre: Beatdown / Deathcore

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

If you’re looking for a quick and brutal punch in the face, look no further than the Grim Dimensions Of Rot (Part I) EP.  With the “Part 1″ title, we can easily infer that there will be more content soon, however, as of now we merely have thirteen minutes of tedious brutality.  And it works. It’s like smooth butter melting upon a hot biscuit, if that butter is a crowdkiller and the biscuit is your face. So listen with caution, you never know what might happen my friends.

Final Grade: B+

Inferno Hades

Album: Discretion Stabilized

Released: June 29th, 2018 via Swallow Vomit Productions

Genre: Brutal Death Metal

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Have you ever pulled out a good ol’ Dying Fetus record and thought to yourself “damn, I wish these guys were be more brutal”?  Well I sure as hell didn’t, but here we are anyway. Discretion Stabilized may not have as many slams scattered along the bars of brutality, but it sure makes up for it.  I never thought it possible to whip up a batch of brutality even more frenzied and chaotic than that of Dying Fetus, but I suppose I was wrong.  Songs mutate their form constantly, without rest or relent, yet still under a chokehold tight enough to maintain the audibility of its greatness.  

Finale Grade: A

QUICK REMINDER: I’ve linked the labels for a reason, my friends.  Buy these records/EPs, it’s the only way to keep music alive.  Here’s a fun fact: per 1,000 full-album streams on Spotify, the artist makes roughly $12.  So buy a shirt, buy a CD, and give these bands the credit they deserve.

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